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 Tell me how you sleep, and I might join you ;)

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PostSubject: Tell me how you sleep, and I might join you ;)   Tue 3 Dec - 7:53

Last name: Kurodou
First name: Tomoki
Age: 790 years old
Sex: Can't you tell?
Sexual Orientation: Women are good, but not as good as a nice tight ass from a beautiful man.

Teacher or student: Orientation Councilor
Class: Tasonosenshi
Clan: Great Northern Pack

Powers: I have no powers

Physical Description: I have shoulder lenght blond hair with crystal blue eyes. I hold that from my Mother. From my father, I inherited his solid structure and powerful frame. I work as a host and porn actor. My looks, I know that I can get whatever money can't buy me, and I will never hesitate to use them. My clothes are usually all branded, but that's because I'm not the one buying them, my secretary does.
My other form is a huge black wolf, my eyes however, stay crystal blue and become quite piercing instead of soft.
Psychological Description: I trust nobody. I believe that money can and will buy everything I desire. I'm on top and I know it. I'm rich and I know it, but I don't go and show it off. I love to attract people's eyes to me, but I'd hate to have to work hard to get your attention, so just look at me.
I don't have pack mentality, so you could say that I'm a lone wolf. In fact, I can be surrounded by admiring fans and still feel completely alone. The only people I do like are my pets. My beautiful little jewels. Men that would bring tears to any woman. I wish for nothing less.

Story: I was born with a sliver spoon in my mouth. That means, I was rich from the get go. I had talent as well, but I fought to get to the top of everything I did. Though that was never enough for my Father. I had the be the best. I had to be on top. Of everything. Of everyone.
He trained me for everything himself. He stood over me during my first sexual experience and told me everything I had to do to make a woman scream. I was fourteen years old, the woman was twenty six and to make matters worse, she was my older sister. My father has always been disturbing.
This, made me become quite disturbed as I grew into a man. I became unable to trudt anyone and began buying people to make them pets so that they couldn't leave me.
My only failure was a man that rejected me when I was a teenager. So, to get over it, I buy only men, looking for that one special guy. I'm  rich, what do I care about spending my money? Though unlike my deceased Father, I treat my pets like precious jewels.
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PostSubject: Re: Tell me how you sleep, and I might join you ;)   Tue 3 Dec - 8:14

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Tell me how you sleep, and I might join you ;)
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