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 Death's servant

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Kerai Shiyounin
Kerai Shiyounin

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PostSubject: Death's servant   Sat 28 Dec - 10:55

Last name: Shiyounin
First name: Kerai
Age: 516 years old
Sex: Man
Sexual Orientation: Don't ask me such a ridiculous question!

Teacher or Student: Student
Class: Chiryo-Sha / Gensono
Clan: I grew up in a Monastary
1- Healing: Any scrape or illness. Anything actually.
2- Elemental shift: Controls any element.

Before the incident with my sudden death, my hair was black and my eyes were dark grey, but it seems.that my death change my physiology greatly. My hair changed from black to pure white while my dark grey eyes turned very light blue.
My clothes have, of course, changed. I used to wear nothing but what my parents bought me. Today, I have to wear what He gets me. Usually, my school uniform.
Even though I am still short, I make up for it with my soft looks and am often called the Young Master or the Prince.

I have been raised properly to become a good souverain when the time would come. I knew music, I knew art, I knew languages and politics. I knew everything that I had to know, even manipulation and the deep hatred some adults feel between themselves.
However, once my parents had passed into the realm of the unseen, I couldn't care less for their petty arguments. I had my own games. My games always turned to be in my favor.
Sadly, my boredom grew more and my aunts habit was passed down to me as I started cutting my forearms to see the beautiful red pearla of my blood as it felt along my white skin. Eventually, I had enough and ended my life.
Now, with Death as my Master I must learn back everything five hundred years after my demise. It seems that Death won't let me rest after all.

I knew from the very start that my life was void. From the very first girl I was forced to dance with on that immense and golden dance floor, I detested them. But that aas what nobility was to do. I was to dance with whomever they put in my arms. I was six when my heart died. I was six the first time my aunt showed her true face to me and cut both my wrists asking me to please die. Though it seemed that Death had other plans for me and allowed me to live.
As I grew, Death took bpth my parents, sad to say, I had no tears to shed upon they coffins. I was used to being abandonned then. I felt nothing. I took over their estate, growing cold and hidding away as best I could from relatives and other people that desired to make use of me. In the sixteenth spring that I had the unpleastness of gazing upon, I finally had my dance with Death. Though unlike what the old legends claimed, Death is not a beautiful Lady, Death is a very handsome man. He opened his hand and asked me for a dance. I smiled at him and took his hand. As we watlz to music that seemed to resonnate our peaceful hearts, my eyes could not leave his. We dance for what seemed to be hours, nobody wanting this strange yet melodious moment to end. It seemed Death took a liking to me. I took a liking to him. As morning rose, my last breath escaped my lips and a satisfied and happy smile was drawn upon my face as I was rested on my back. The gentle and appeasing voice of Death whispered into my ear and told me to rise once more not as my previous self, but as a new man.
My eyes slowly opened and I saw Death's face. I smiled. I smiled until I realized I was in a coffin. I sat up quickly to seek an explanation, but Death pushed me back on my back. He explained that I was neither living nor dead, I was not who I once was. Five hundred years had passed in the human world. Five hundred years during which he had preserved me to bring me back when the time was right. Death smiled upon me and told me to get out of the coffin. I was to attend public school in order to learn about this new time, though I would also be his servant, his butler.
And so, I start my new life five centuries into the futur while still looking like a teenager because Death decided to toy with my life. Or rather, our waltz has not yet ended.
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Madora House

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PostSubject: Re: Death's servant   Sat 28 Dec - 10:57

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Death's servant
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