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 The gentle Summoner and his fierce Eidolen

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PostSubject: The gentle Summoner and his fierce Eidolen   Thu 9 Jan - 18:46

Last Name: I have forfited it
First Name: Yasashii
Age: 26 years old
Sexe: Man
Sexual Orientation: Men

Teacher Or Student: Student
Class: Summoner
Clan: --
Sacrifice: My Family
Powers: (Not for Sumonners)

Physical Description: I keep my hair short-ish and their natural color. Red. Like flames and blood. Although I am pale. My eyes are one of my many abornal trait for a man, they are a light purple hued color. My body itself is quite small, even though I do train with a sword in order to keep control over my Eidolen. I always have a kind smile on my face. I just don't want people to see that I am unhappy. When I am not in my Eidolen's gift, my armor, I wear nothing but lightweight kimonos and yukatas. I don't really like to wear pants or underwear even, I prefer being...free?
Psychological Description: I have always been a kind hearted man, though I never take the space that I should. I always let the other people around me take advantage of my submissive mind. I tend to keep to myself, well, not completely, I stay close to my Eidolen. I love him, he is my dragon and my life now. He is my family. I would do anything for him as he would do anything for me. I've been called naive and childish, but people just don't understand the sacrifice I had to make to get my Eidolen. I love him dearly and I wish to keep him all to mysel, even if he is very handsome and make more then just women crack.

Story: My life changed suddenly after a stupid fight with my parents and my older brother. It was a rainy afternoon and I was hungry, I wanted to get a snack before dinner, but when I reached for my snack box, it was empty. I had recalled to have left my favorite flavored cookie in it just the morning of that faited day. My older brother had eaten it and was wipping the crums off his face. I told my Mother about what he had done, she told me not to bother her and to go complain to my Father, and so I did. He told me to grow up and get over it. Nobody understood, I was hungry. I was nine years old that day, and I wanted to keep that cookie for my birthday.
I went outside and sat under the dead tree in our backyard. I was angry and sad. That's when I shouted the words that changed my life forever.

''I hate you! I...I wish you were all dead!''

At that moment, time stopped. A man with black wings stood next to me and held me by my shoulder.

''Would you want me to take their place? I'll be with you, forever.''

At that time, I was fed up with my family, so I just said yes. The next thing I knew, I had a strange mark on my chest over my heart, and my family were all dead. I then knew the existence of Eidolen and that this man, was mine. Somehow, the death of my family didn't hurt me as much since he was there.
At the age of sixteen, I was drawn to this academy. Since then, I have been training everyday in order to stay worthy enough for my black dragon.

What is your Eidolen: A giant black Dragon. I wish to have someone play him.
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PostSubject: Re: The gentle Summoner and his fierce Eidolen   Thu 9 Jan - 18:47

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The gentle Summoner and his fierce Eidolen
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