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 Azure dragon - Raiju

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PostSubject: Azure dragon - Raiju   Mon 13 Jan - 9:14

Last Name:
First Name: Raiju
Age: 120 867
Sexe: Male
Sexual Orientation: N/A

Teacher Or Student: N/A
Class: Eidolen
Powers: bloody mary , ice blast

Bloody mary:

Bloody mary : this would be real fast that your wounds will be gone instantly the moment you got cut. The other way was, He could turn your blood into thousands of needles and then, pierced through the insides of your flesh, all the way out trough your body.

Ice blast : as a blue dragon, he was immune to cold and ice. If most dragons breathe of flames, he breathe of ice and he would freeze his enemy, then broke them in pieces, instant death.

Physical Description: 4 full lines minimum.

Red blood eyes, long silver hair, creamy skin, slim body with a slight of muscles. He kept his bangs hanging over his eyes, not too long. He always wore this golden emblem in a shape of half moon with a golden pearl on its center. He wore a black vest with phoenix fur on the shoulders. Black leather pants that was enough to cover his butt. He did not like long pants since it would stall his movement.

Now, his appearance in Seiryu ( azure dragon / Blue dragon) Seiryu, was of course, in all crystal blue color. When he turned, he would have pair of blue wings, big fangs, long tails and also big horns. His size was big, big enough to carry a house on his back.

Psychological Description:
he was playful person, kind of mischievous sometimes, but he was kind. Though he was a bit rebellious dragon. he tend to forget who the master was and go all he wanted to. Though of course, like other eidolen, he got his loyalty only to his master, his summoner. He likes cold better that hot, of course, he was an azure dragon. If he could chose, he would chose Polaris than normal living area, but he couldn’t. he lived in the mortal world, and .. in Polaris, he could have nothing there, no fun, nobody. So, he had no choice but to stay in this warm world.

Story: 7 lines minimum (From wall to wall in the post box)

he was chained, in a dungeon. Seiryu, was one of the forbidden dragons. He was chained and imprisoned inside a volcano. Of course, the flame all over would weakened him. He was sealed there. For thousands of years. It was all started when he got his first master. He was young at that time and was naïve. He gave his loyalty and betrayed. So he ended up in the volcano prison now.

Seiryu, was chained with chain of flames. His previous master, found a new eidolen, a red dragon, dragon of flames. He tricked Seiryu and got him inside this burning prison. He heard news that the red dragon, was murdered by an exceptional black dragon, a dragon which has six wings. That was great. His grudge was over then, but he was still chained. He made up his mind. If there was someone who could set him free from this volcano, he would give himself to that person.

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PostSubject: Re: Azure dragon - Raiju   Mon 13 Jan - 9:20

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Azure dragon - Raiju
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