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 Takeo, the blue dragon's master

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PostSubject: Takeo, the blue dragon's master   Mon 13 Jan - 10:11

Last name:
First name: Takeo
Age: 22 years old
Sex: man
Sexual orientation: none of your buisness

Teacher or student: Student
Class: Summoner
Clan: --
Sacrifice: My powers
Power: --

Physical Description: I have short black hair and cold blue eyes. My body shows that I grew up doing physical labour and I am proud of the way I look. I like to wear black lether, it protects from the cold and the hot. So of course, I wear nothing else but that. Even though I do train with a katana sword all the time, my body does not grow any bigger then it is now. I prefer the night, so my skin is quite pale, but not sickly. My body is thin enough for my speed to be on point, my reflexes are also perfect. I do my best to be perfect for my Eidolen.
Psychological Description: I act hard and cold but I actually am a very caring person, until you piss me off. I can be a clld blooded killer if I am pushed the wrong way. I will never back down from a challenge and even invite them sometimes. I will admit I am hard headed and never give up until I triumph. I'm not looking for power or fame, I want respect. I will gain it with my sword if I must. I will always obtain what I want. It's always a matter of time. I will only act nice towards Raiju, my Eidolen, he is the only one with who I never lose patience. He is my life and I will do anything to make him happy.

Story: I remember that day like it was yesterday. I was one of the best gensono in my clan. Though one day, out of jealousy, the other kids dared me to go in the sacred mountain and find the angry God. They told me I had to bring something of his back. Naive, I went in.
It was a volcano, so it was very hot, but I never gave up. I walked endlessly for hours until I saw the most beautiful blue color ever. The red from the molten magna was reflecting on his scales and then he looked at me. I smiled at him with my grinny kid face.

"Hey Mister Dragon! You're scales are so pretty! But why are you tied up? Here, let me set you free!"

I was strong enough to get rid of the chains of fire. When the dragon was free, he just asked me what my sacrifice would be. I didn't understand so he asked me what  would give up to have him by my side. Back then, I thought that he would be awesome to bring back and show the other kids, so I just said : "My powers". Goodbye promising gensono futur. I was a Summoner now. I regret nothing. He stayed by my side. While my own clan turned their backs on me.
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PostSubject: Re: Takeo, the blue dragon's master   Mon 13 Jan - 10:20


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Takeo, the blue dragon's master
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