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 Kira keishleir

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Kira Kieshleir
Satoshi house

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PostSubject: Kira keishleir   Tue 14 Jan - 8:47

Last Name:Kieshleir
First Name:Kira
Sexual Orientation:bi-curious

Teacher Or Student: student
Class: Sentou
Clan: Satoshi house
1.super strength
2.super speed

Physical Description: It's not hard to tell and he even knows it himself that he's rather attractive ticking the boxes for being tall dark and handsome. He's is quite tall standing at about 6'4" and has well defined muscles adorning his sunkissed skin. He has dark chocolate brown hair at neck length that is a little long and messy. He has a pair of bright golden eyes. While he doesn't have any tattoo's or piercings but he does have a scar on his lower back that for him is sort of like a warriors medal and he's quite proud of it.

Psychological Description: He's normally has a grin on his face for one reason or another. He's a sociable and easy going guy when it comes to his friends but there are few instances when he's a bit different. When it comes to sparring and fighting his rather competitive and he can be a bit hot headed in these situations. Though it may be a bit surprising to some he's rather serious about love relationships, though he does like sex and he can be a bit rough he doesn't have one night stands or do it halfheartedly.  

Story: Kira comes from a rather large family which is probably how his easy going part of his personality was formed, it took skill and years of practice to ignore little brothers and sisters breaking his stuff that and the fact he learnt how to hide his things better. Being in a big family he also learnt that there's really no such thing as privacy and so he doesn't really embarrass easily. While he has missed them a little since he's been at school he likes the atmosphere because  it's kinda like a big dysfunctional family anyway. He has a group of friends he more often then not hangs out with, they sometimes go into town to the bar to play around of pool or something but when he's not with them he's normally training, its something that goes in par with his sentou like body is his drive to be the best. He often prefers hand to hand combat but will sometimes swing around a sword.
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Ryuzaki Oda


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PostSubject: Re: Kira keishleir   Tue 14 Jan - 9:13


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Kira keishleir
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