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 a hottie to be tamed ^_^

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Ritsuka Akimi


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PostSubject: a hottie to be tamed ^_^   Tue 14 Jan - 10:43

Last name: Akimi
First name: Ritsuka
Age: 22 years old
Sex: man
Sexual orientation: none of your buisness

Teacher or student: Student
Class: Summoner
Clan: --
Sacrifice: My whole life
Power: --

Physical Description:
Long black hair, slim figure. Seductive yet sad gaze. I have a pair of deep, yet sad black eyes. They looked either sad, or seductive, I have no idea which one. As for my hair, I have short bangs, but the back part, was long, it reached my waist. I like having long black hair. It made me look feminine and I feel.. sexy I like that. Now.. my clothes, mostly, I wore a white yukata with light blue stripes on it. I wore two pairs of sapphire blue bracelets and ear rings. I like the color of blue, it somehow represent me who are feeling blue mostly. I might look empty sometimes, but it did not mean that I'm emotionless of course.

Psychological Description:
I'm a nice person. I like to seduce people that I like. I acted cute and mostly submissive towards my eidolen. I knew I was the master, the one who owned him but… I feel like being dominated and… I like it when someone pushed me down and took advantage of me. I'm only good on bed, and some light exercise and arts things. The rest, just never crossed my mind. Math.. logics.. I hate those things and I mostly skip class.  I'm a bit lazy when it come to study. I like to adventure more. Explore the nature and the wilderness. I hate sitting down behind a desk and do nothing. I'd rather went to a park, garden, or forest. That was better place for me.

I was once a gensono, adopted by Akimi clan. With Shiki Akimi as my step brother. Of course, he never notice me and I never notice him either. my clan betrayed me, raped me,  and left me alone in pain.  At that time, I was saved by a lycan. He then said that he would grant me my wish. He said he would be my guardian, but he would need a sacrifice from me. I don't have anything with me. I only have myself, my body, my life. So, I offer those to him. I offer him my life, my body, all of me. He could do anything on me all he wanted. I said my wish, that was… to kill all of the people who soiled me. And so, the lycan did it. He killed all the guys who raped me. After that day, I became his summoner. Though I was still working hard to control him. he was pretty strong, and wild. i like that side of him. i know he haven't known each other for long, but i like this man, he owned my life anyway, it belonged to him. all of me... i won't regret it for sure.
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Ryuzaki Oda


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PostSubject: Re: a hottie to be tamed ^_^   Tue 14 Jan - 10:51


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a hottie to be tamed ^_^
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