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 I gave up everything for you

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PostSubject: I gave up everything for you   Tue 14 Jan - 13:05

Last name: Sennen
First name: Fuji
Age: 18 years old
Sex: Man
Sexual Orientation: I haven't though about it.

Teacher or Student: Student
Class: Summoner
Clan: --
Sacrifice: My talent with the Violon

Physical Description: I have dark grey hair and light grey eyes. My hair reaches my shoulders even though they were much longer before. I like to wear clothes that ressemble the late Versaille period. I am always dressed properly and do try my best to stay smiling even in my unlucky time of my life.
I always want people to see me as a man that smiles, not one that would break down at any moment. I am a strong man, but sometimes, people only judge based on my appearance. I must admit, I don't look very strong.
Psychological Description: I am just the type of man that once I make up my mind, nothing can get in my way. Though it seems that sometimes, I'd just want to curl up in a corner and die. I can't, I must move foward. I never stay down very long, I don't like to drown myself into darkness, I'd ratger try to smile all the time. This is the way I am strong. I don't pretend any other way.

Story: I was promised to become one of the best musicians in the world. I practiced my violon playing sixteen hours a day, the rest of the time went to my studies. Though one day, some people came in and killed my parents. They stabbed me several times and I was on the brink of death when a deep voice came to my ears. The voice promised to take revenge if I gave him something I held dearly too. I hesitated, but the fear of dying was much bigger then anything. I gave up my talent. I gave it up and woke up with a tiger. I had an Eidolen now. I lost everything, but the tiger seemed to be filling this gap that was left behind. It was as if with him around, I was never alone. He would stay by my side forever now.
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PostSubject: Re: I gave up everything for you   Tue 14 Jan - 13:07

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I gave up everything for you
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