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 Big wolf on campus!

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PostSubject: Big wolf on campus!   Tue 14 Jan - 15:13

Last name: Lucius Caelum
First name: Noctis
Age: 75 430 years old
Sex: Man
Sexual Orientation: Whoever seems fit.

Teacher or Student: --
Class: Eidolen
Clan: --
Sacrifice: --
1- Sandstorm, out of nowhere it comes, ripping flesh and bone, come play in the sand, my friend.
2- Blizzard, frost and snow wrap around thou, freezing yet burning, how amusing it is to play in the snow.

Physical Description: My hair is not very long and dark silver, depending on the light. My eyes are blue when in my man form but turn red when I turn into a wolf. I know how soft it is and I intend to keep it that way. I wear clothes that rich nobility would normally wear. I like this type of clothes. I will not wear anything but the finest silks and real jewelry, never fakes. Or, I wear leather.I have a strong physic, though I keep myself thin enough.
In my wolf form, my shoulders are as high as a tall man's shoulders. My fur is thick and silver, my fangs can rip through anything and my claws are definatly deadly.

Psychological Description: My favorite saying is Try and tame me! Nobody has ever managed to before, and I seriously doubt anyone would ever be able to tame me. I'm a pretty hard guy to be around. I never listen to orders unless they hold some kind of interest for me. I like making fun of my cute Summoner, he is so easy to fluster, I know I look attractive and I know that my looks attracts my yound summoner. I will use any method to get what I want from people. I'd go as far as sleeping with them to get information.

Story: I've had my fair of summoners accross the ages. I've found them rather interesting but eventually they all annoyed me and I killed them off. I've been running around the world now until I saw this kid. He asked me for revenge. I smiled at him and asked him for a sacrifice. He gave me his life. I almost rejected such a ridiculous offer, but the boy's eyes were really begging me, so I accepted. Either way, his life belonged to me, I didn't see the point of the sacrifice, he was mine. I became his, but it still didn't meen that I would listen to him. He still has a lot of work before I would obey his orders.
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Ryuzaki Oda


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PostSubject: Re: Big wolf on campus!   Wed 15 Jan - 7:58


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Big wolf on campus!
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