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 Daichi the Byakko

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PostSubject: Daichi the Byakko   Wed 15 Jan - 3:19

Last Name:Baihu
First Name:Daichi
Age:51 899
Sexe: male
Sexual Orientation:

Teacher Or Student:--
Class: Eidolen

1. Lightning strike,
- gives him the ability to create lightning that has the brutal force to rip open the ground.
2. Blood frenzy
- an ability that awakens when he becomes angry making him loose his senses and he becomes a ferocious beast mercilessly ripping his enemy's to shreds. In this state he has heightened senses and instincts as well as his brutal strength being multiplied.

Physical Description:
Daichi's eidolen form is that of byakko, a much larger version of a white tiger and while it has it's uses it often means he has to change forms to walk through doorways. His humanoid form is that of a young, muscular and tall man. He has tanned skin which makes his snow white hair stand out even more. He has bright yellow, cat like eyes. In this form he still has his tiger like features of his tail, claws and sharp teeth. He also has fluffy cat like ears but he tends to hide them since people have the impulse to touch them. He has light tattoo like markings on his face and back.

Psychological Description:
He's a bit prideful and stubborn, unable to bring himself to do or say anything he finds embarrassing and while this part sometimes makes him seem indifferent he's a pretty warm-hearted person it just takes time for him to warm up to people. He has strong beliefs and has a deep appreciation for living things which is why he's never accepted a master who'd sacrifice another persons life just for power but though he thinks all living things have their beauty.. well when he gets pissed off he's been known to end a few lives short.

I was always picky when the idea of making a bond, it was serious matter to me I wouldn't let myselfnot stay loyal to my master, to protect him with my own life but that being said I couldn't just pick anybody. someone weak couldn't handle it, someone who gave up another's life as a sacrifice disgusted me. But eventually I found a soul which strength drew me in, even in such a situation I could see the will in his eyes. He didn't want to die. I asked him for his most important thing and he gave me the talent he'd worked so hard for, I deemed it worthy and became his. That night my fury lead me to kill those living beings who had harmed him. I licked his wounds and held him close in my fur. I was interested to find out more about this person who was now my master.
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Daichi the Byakko
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