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 Riku Isamu

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Riku Isamu
The Sawgrass Pack

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PostSubject: Riku Isamu   Fri 31 Jan - 3:10

Last Name: Isamu
First Name: Riku
Age: 21
Sexe: Male
Sexual Orientation: Anything that captures his fancy, whether male or female.

Teacher Or Student: Student
Class: Tasonosenshi (Cheetah)
Clan: The Sawgrass Pack

Graceful Speed; this is a power that allows him to take on incredible speed, becoming nothing more than a blur to onlookers. While quite useful for getting to someplace quickly, it can only work in medium-short bursts and leaves him tired.

Shaman; this is a power that allows him to heal just about any wound for himself. He can also heal others, but when healing others the power is weaker and he can only heal smaller wounds (such as cuts that aren't too deep, mostly anything that isn't a deadly wound or sickness).

Physical Description: He has straight black hair that hangs into his red eyes and that's just how he likes to keep his hair. His hair is generally on the messier side, flying everywhere, but on good days, his hair lies flat. Most days Riku can also be seen with a hood covering his head, or a hat of one type or another. And while Riku is on the shorter side at only five feet and nine inches, his arms are strangley long for height. However, what he's missing in height, he makes up for it in strength graccefulness. On first glance, he doesn't look very muscular (especially considering his love for jackets, loose shirts, hodded sweatshirts and clothing that doesn't hug his body very well), but on closer inspection it can be seen that he is not only very lean, but on the muscular side as well. His stride is graceful and confident, easily one of the many things taken from his ability to shift into a cheetah. When he is not in his human form, and shifted into his cheetah form, he has the usual sleek and graceful cheetah body covered in spotted fur. In almost every way, he looks like a normal cheetah. The only abnormal thing about his cheetah form is that his eyes stay their usual red color.

Psychological Description: Most people find Riku to either be quite cold, rude, flirtatious or cocky when they first meet him. It all really depends on his mood and the day. While outwardly he always confident, inwardly he jaded and scared. Far too often when he was young he was left to care for himself and left broken by those he trusted most. Due to this, he's afraid of trusting anyone but himself. Even though he can flirt for hours with anyone, which would lead most to believe he is a normal young man, and then take them to bed, he won't enter true relationships. For him, even friends are far and few, as he likes to keep to himself for a good portion of the time. The biggest reason for when he becomes more social is for a simple reason; sex. While he might have trust isues, he still like getting it on with anyone who strikes his fancy. Mostly what he does to occupy his time and mind is reading, cooking, and wooing men and women into his bed.

Story: Throughout his childhood, Riku's parents drfited in and out of his life like ghosts. One minute they would be there and the next they would run off to travel to some exotic place. They were never really there for him, more often than not leaving him with a neighbor while they went off. The neighbor that normally took care of him while his parents were gone was an elderly woman who told stories of war and love. Her stories were amusing and always made him smile, they even made him believe in love and happiness. And in that elderly woman, he found a grandmother-like figure taught him how to cook and care for himself. He even grew to love that woman like family.

As the years passes and he turned fifteen, he found what he thought was love in a girl a few years his senior, who promised to never hurt him. Within that same timeframe, the elderly woman grew ill, repeatedly telling Riku to relax and that she would be fine. "It's nothing more than a simple cold," are the words she told him again and again. She even went so far as to make a promise to him, saying that she wouldn't leave him alone, that she would be fine, that she wouldn't die anytime soon. It was a promise she knew she could not keep, and even Riku knew it deep down, but it still broke him when she died only a month later. It tore at him, leaving only another void in his heart.

The same night as the woman's funeral, he walked in on his girlfriend in bed with another man. It was something that hurt him hard, but it was also something that he could move past if she let him. However, he found out straight from her that she was planning on running away with the man and getting married. To make the hurt he felt worse, she had been planning on leaving when she knew he was at the funeral. The only reason he had even caught her before she left was because he had been unable to stay at the funeral because of the pain he felt. With this new, third void, Riku was left completely broken. He didn't really have anyone and he was still only fifteen. While it wasn't the most tragic childhood, it still lead to him not trusting in anyone other than himself.

Now he puts his time into reading, wooing men and women into his bed, and cooking. If he even of much as smells the starting of a relationship, he'll run.
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Madora House

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PostSubject: Re: Riku Isamu   Fri 31 Jan - 10:03

You will eventually find your own happiness.
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Riku Isamu
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