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 Looking for partners to roleplay with

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Riku Isamu
The Sawgrass Pack
Riku Isamu

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PostSubject: Looking for partners to roleplay with   Fri 31 Jan - 13:54

As it can be seen, I'm looking for someone (or more than one someones) to roleplay with. I'm pretty flexible when it comes to plot and love drama. Not only that, but I also don't really have any boundaries when roleplaying and if you do, just let me know and we'll stay far, far away from that bothering thing.

Now, here's my character: Riku Isamu

As for relationships for Riku, I'm cool with anything from enemies, to friends, to a realtionship, to nothing more than a little fun in the bedroom and even love-hate relationships. Just leave in mind, anything more than an enemy or sex buddy will take more time as Riku is slow to trust. Also, be warned that Riku tends to be on the rude side and full of himself at times. Just be prepared if he says something rude to another character and don't be offended.

So if you're still reading and interested, reply here or send me a PM. I look forward to the fun that has yet to come.

Thank you for reading this, as it makes you awesome.
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Looking for partners to roleplay with
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