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 Let's sing

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PostSubject: Let's sing   Fri 31 Jan - 20:29

Last name: Tsukumi
First name: Subaru
Age: 103 years old
Sex: man
Sexual orientation: I'm a dominant bottom

Teacher or Student: Student
Class: Nekuromansa
Clan: Convent of the Sources
Sacrifice: --
1- Tartarus: It's an illusion, but you will lose all hope in my maze.
2- Vampire's touch: with a single touch, I can drain a way your blood or life force.

Physical Description: I know that I look good. I've been often asked to become a model or a host, but I prefer singing. I keep my hair somewhat long and naturally silver white. My eyes are naturally golden orange or red, depending on the day. My skin is pale but still healthy looking. I wear normal clothes that fit with the style of person people think I am, a model student. I like wearing white shirts and black pants, but I more often dress up in school boy uniforms, my idea of fun is to cosplay them. Sometimes I can be wearing a school girl uniform, with the skirt Wink . Other then that, my body is healthy, strong but thin. I also have dextrocardia, which means that instead of behind on the left side, my heart is on the ride side of my body.

Psychological Description: I'm usually outgoing and flirty. I like having fun and making people notice me so I always dress up in school uniform cosplays, be it for boys or girls. I don't really care about what I wear, I just like having fun. If you are part of the people I like, the ones I find that can be used or that has shown that they deserve my respect, then I will be a loyal friend. Until you bore me.
With others, the ones that I don't like, I kept my serious and stay quiet, unless they are a couple and I can separate them to make them suffer. Then again, I might be a little playful and torture you for my own fun.

Story: Apparently, I've always been playfully cruel with everyone and everything. As far as I can remember, I've manipulated others to obtain what I want and I've always gotten what I want. When I was called to go to this academy, I hated the fact that people didn't pay attention to me. So I found ways for people to notice me. I made guys drool over my body and girls hate me for being a sexier chick than themselves. Of course that also meant that men became much easier for me to manipulate than women, but the latter are too weak to entertain me for long. Not long after, I was a student club president and I do my job well, but I sometimes lose it and torture my club members for fun. Just to hear their agonizing screams and their bone chilling fears. It makes me smile.

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PostSubject: Re: Let's sing   Sun 2 Feb - 8:18


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Let's sing
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