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 Kaito Akemi

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Ocean Academy Principal

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PostSubject: Kaito Akemi   Thu 31 Jan - 12:26

Last Name: Akemi
First Name: Kaito
Age: 666 years old
Sexe: Do I look like a girl?
Sexual Orientation: Don't care!

Teacher Or Student: Sports complex responsible
Class: Gensono
Clan: Ocean Academy
Fog teleportation,
Liquid Manipulation

Physical Description: As a surprise to everyone, I don't look like a man that would be leader of anything,.I look quite evil some might say. Anyways, that's all besides the point. My abilities and age have changed my obtains alpearance from that of as man to something closer to an elf. My ears have lengthened and became pointy at their end my silhouette is thin yet strong. I do love t III show skin so I will very rarely wear any shirt. My hair is long, black and blue naturally. My eyes change colors with my mood. However I will not release those colors here, my moods are my business. If I am not dressed in whatever sports garb I need, I like to wear my handmade, by myself, armor of dragon scales. My last secret is the tattoo in my back, it represents every element found in nature with water in it's center.

Psychological Description: I was taught at a very young age that naivete has no place in the heart of a leader. So from very young, I would only believe that which could be proven and trusted nobody but myself or those closest to me. Sadly, I never let anyone close to me. As a leader I am just and kind in a strict way and I do not forgive offenses to rules in my household. As a person, I let nobody learn anything about me. I am not a very social man either. So one wonders why I am responsible for the sports complex.
I am usually seen as a calm person. I do not like fighting but I will respond if provoked. I never back k down from a fight, I have a name and an honor to preserve. I respect t those who respect themselves and show courage and honor, no matter what their rank or class.

"You are born to lead, Kaito, so do not fail me like your brother. Do not tarnish this family's honor or name. Do not show weakness. Be just. Be strong. Be respected. Most of all, be a leader."

Those were my Father's last words as he died, leaving me, a seven year old boy to fill in some rather big shoes. I had become the principal of an academy filled with seasonned warriors and beginners that would look to me for guidance. I wasn't afraid because that's what my Father had taught me. Fear was only in my mind I was never to let it take over my senses. I learned my role quickly and became the most respected figure the academy had ever had. I was called by Sen to be a teacher at his Academy because of my impressive growth of powers, but i refused, however I accepts do to have control of his sports center.
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Madora House

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PostSubject: Re: Kaito Akemi   Fri 1 Feb - 0:01

Very well. We have our first leader character.
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Kaito Akemi
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