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 Shigemi the Librarian

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Terra Academy

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PostSubject: Shigemi the Librarian   Mon 3 Feb - 15:43

Last name:
First name: Shigemi
Age: 201 739 years old
Sex: man
Sexual orientation: Strong men attract me.

Teacher or Student: Librarian
Class: Gensono
Clan: Terra Academy
1- Restoration helps me restore anything that is or was once natural and alive.
2- Accelerated Growth makes plants grow faster with my aid.
3- Telekenisis, I use it to put away the books.

Physical Description: I am compared to an elf all the time. Maybe it was because of my affinity with nature, my ears grew longer. My hair, silky to the touch are onyx black and my eyes grey. My facial structure is soft and often refered to as artistic. Just like those mythical creatures, I have a slender frame and the flexibility of the wild cats of the world.
My clothes always portrait my emotional state of the day, if it's light colored, I am happy and in a good mood, if it's in warm colors, I feel playful, cold colors, I feel calm and dark colors, well you don't want to be around me when I wear dark colors.

Psychological Description: I'm not very sociable but I do know how to be kind with people around me. Although I prefer the company of books, I do sometimes like to have conversations with living beings as well. I like to restore the old manuscripts. I like peaceful environments and where better then the library?
I've been betrayed during my youth so I don't give my trust to many people. I don't want to be known, so even those who go in the library don't know that there is a librarian. Most people don't notice me or think of me as a ghost. I'm nice, but my anger can be terrible if you push the wrong button.

Story: I've seen the war between the humans and the magical beings. I was part of it, I saw the violence and the pain. The moment this Academy opened, I came to it. I didn't want to be a teacher, I became the librarian. It was my castle. My sacred place. I spend my days and my nights there, I don't need to sleep, I would much rather walk around in this silent sanctuary.
Though then more and more students came to the library and damaged my precious manuscripts, I fixed and restored them all. Either side of the medal, be it human or not, they all destroy. I will never trust anyone ever again. Books don't lie. They tell their stories and makes us live elsewhere the time their pages turn. Perhaps one day I will see someone worth talking too.
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Madora House

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PostSubject: Re: Shigemi the Librarian   Mon 3 Feb - 15:45

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Shigemi the Librarian
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