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 Akira "Aki" Haruaki

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Akira Haruaki

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PostSubject: Akira "Aki" Haruaki   Wed 5 Feb - 18:47

Last Name: Haruaki
First Name: Akira, although I prefer being known as Aki.
Age: I’m one hundred and seven years young.
Sex: The last time I checked, male.
Sexual Orientation: I pick men as my poison.

Teacher Or Student: I teach the fine art of divination.
Class: I am of Chiryo-Sha.
Clan: The Monestaries is where I’m from.

Healing Light- With this power I can take light, and use it to heal any type of wound. Whether myself or others. Due to years of practice, I am quite talented with my healing abilities and able to heal nearly fatal wounds/sicknesses. From years of practice, I am quite close to mastering this power.

The Speed of Light- This is a power that lets me travel extremely fast, almost at the speed of light. However, even with all my years practicing, I have yet to master this power and am still quite the novice with it. Due to that, it is extremely draining of energy and I rarely use this power.

Here or There- This power lets me see into the past or the future, depending on what information I seek. All I require is an object or person that I can focus on. With this power, I must be in a deep meditative state while focusing on an object or person, and whatever type of information I am seeking. Due to the future being uncertain and not set in stone, most things from the future come out foggy. This power is one I’ve managed to come very close to mastering over the years.

Physical Description: Many times I am mistaken woman, which does not bother me nor surprise me. I actually enjoy it as it means I get to capture the attention of attractive men. I’ve also been told many times before that I’m androgynous. I actually quite like that fact, and I play with it quite often to attract others. I don’t stand very tall at only five feet and five inches with a small, thin, lithe frame. I also keep my thick, nearly white blonde hair very long, past the small of my back, and I choose to wear it in two thick braids most of the time. My normal clothing is normally button down dress shirts, baggy sweaters, and sweater vests paired with slacks, however there are days where I choose to wear kimonos instead. No matter what I wear, I am a man who likes to look good. It is also quite rare to see me without my orange monster hat that I picked up in the human’s realm, as it caught my fancy and I quite enjoy wearing it. Past that, I’ve also been told that my pale blue-purple eyes are quite beautiful, unlike what people have seen before.  

Psychological Description: Many times I have been called eccentric. I’m not sure if I believe those rumors and the people who have told me directly to my face, although I suppose they might be true. I do enjoy dressing nicely and wearing odd hats, specifically my newest hat which is orange with a monster’s face. I’ve also been told I can be cold, although I don’t know how. I do try to socialize and speak to people, but normally I don’t know what to say or do. Normally, I end up saying the wrong thing, something that ends up being rude. I suppose I’m just a fluke when it comes to interacting with others. While others only see me as eccentric, cold, maybe even rude, I see myself as a man who dresses nice with a love for odd hats, whom just so happens to fail at social interaction. I am more than just that though. I enjoy cooking and experimenting with food, I love any type of tea, I do enjoy this thing humans created called video games, and I enjoy seeing what humans like and create.

Story: When I was young, about two or three years of age, I was dropped off a monastery. Apparently, my biological parents didn’t wish to keep me for any longer, as I was starting to talk about the war that had long since passed, because of my power to see into the past. Although my mother was also of Chiryo-Sha  blood, just like me, my father was human which meant she hid her powers from him. Because of this, I was left on the steps of what had once seemed like a big, scary building. The one who found me on the steps of the monastery was a man who lived there by the name of Hideaki. When he found me, he took me under his wing as if I was his own son, raising me like he would raise his own blood. Because of this, I knew him as my father. While he may not have biologically been my father, he more than fit the bill with how much he cared about me. As the years passed, he taught me more of what happened in the war and how to better control my powers. Once I turned Sixteen, I was sent to school where I then graduated a few years later. Up until that point I had only been to the human realm when I was a small child living with my biological parents. As I didn’t remember much from when I was that young, I yearned to visit their realm. Finally, against the advice of my father, I travelled to their realm, shocked by their culture. It was intriguing to say the least and I ended up living there for a year while hiding what I was. However, as that year passed, I missed being around others like me and decided to return to the monastery. I had decided then that I would go back to the school to teach, which my father strongly supported. Periodically I still visit the human realm when there are breaks from school, interested in seeing what they have created. Most of my stays there are now only a month long at the most. I also visit my father as often as I can, considering he has been quite ill, too ill for me to even heal him. I worry for him, but he always says he’ll be fine. I just hope he speaks the truth, as he taught me so much and I would hate to lose him.
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Madora House

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PostSubject: Re: Akira "Aki" Haruaki   Wed 5 Feb - 19:44

Welcome and Validated!
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Akira "Aki" Haruaki
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