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 thief.. naughty thief

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PostSubject: thief.. naughty thief   Thu 6 Mar - 8:27

Last Name : N/A
First name : Ignis
Nickname : ----

Race: Summoner
Age: 21
Sex of your character: N/A
Sexual orientation of your character: N/A


I have long silver hair, it covered my butt if you saw me from the back. My eyes were crimson red, or rather, blood red. They looked fierce rather than gentle. Those eyes were as fierce as me. i have fondness in black fur clothing, so i always had a black fur around me as coat or shawl, it helped me to feel warmer. With my pretty face and red wine lips,  I looked feminine, very feminine. People often underestimate me for my looks. they only saw me as pretty face and not more than that. most of the time, i wore noble style of clothes and all, i would not wear minimum clothing that reveals too much of my skin. but when i perform, i would wear anything the producer told me to. i would even perform naked if he told me to, as long as he pay me high enough to do that.

you could say that I am wild, pushy, and I acted like a prince, even though I'm not. I would not bow before you, but I might bite you and molested you all I wanted. That… was if I find you interesting enough to be molested. If not, you shouldn’t come near me at all. I like big hotties, fierce looking man, or…brutal ones, I liked it when I'm being pushed down and then got intensely 'raped'. Though don't be surprised if in the end, you are the one who got pushed down by me. I'm not a submissive person, I tend to take over control.. but.. I would be more ' kind' and 'gentle' towards the one I love.

I have fondness in some dark magic, i learn it from nekuromansas. even though i'm not one of them,. i studied their spells, simple spells of course not complicated one. i liked it. with that power i could summon demons, just using natural rare goods and stuffs, and.. a bit of blood that's all. but then, i became bored of it and abandoned that silly magic toys. right now, i'm focusing on my career as a signer, and sometimes, as a thief. of course, not many people know that i'm good in martial arts and ninja arts. i would be a shadow at night. perfect shadow. though i mostly work as thief rather than singer. i only sang when i was on the stage or record studio, other than that, i would be a thief. sometimes i would act as their in a luxurious party where people did not notice or saw me as a criminal. sometimes, when i got busted by a man, i would seduce him, and make him fall under my charm.. but if it's a female.. well. i'll just shot her dead, i'm just not in good terms with females. always hated their smell.
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PostSubject: Re: thief.. naughty thief   Thu 6 Mar - 8:33


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thief.. naughty thief
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