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 Sasuke Sarutobi

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PostSubject: Sasuke Sarutobi    Thu 6 Mar - 8:38

Last name: Sarutobi
First name: Sasuki
Age: 50 126 years old
Sex: man
Sexual Orientation: men

Teacher or Student: Councilor
Class: Eidolen
Clan: --
Sacrifice: --
1- Immaterial: I can walk through walls and objects.
2- Levitation: I can walk on air and water.
3- Vaccum space: Emptiness

Physical Descritpion: My black hair is longer in front then it is in the back. My black eyes can make anyone back away from me with a single glance. My body could make a sentou blush in jealousy and any woman swoon in pleasure. I don't were shirts, I find it more easy to fonction without them. I wear only traditional bottoms and my katana.
I am a black winged angel and I am proud of it. Black does not mean evil, it mean only the absence of light. I am a giant crow.

Psychological Description: Even though I used to be quite the seductive man back in the day, I've never let anyone get too close, I prefer teasing rather then showing any affection. Good luck if you want to get in my pants, it takes someone that can push me down hard and force themselves on me for me to abandon control. I love it when people challenge me, but I love even more when bottoms play dominant.

Story: I have always been a nobleman. But I've also had a second life. I love to seduce, I love to play around. And I love to kill. Though my love for blood just suddenly vanjshed when I could find nobody to battle. I was then called forth by the academy to be a combat teacher, it didn't work since I kept sending my students to the infirmary, so they did a bunch of tests on me until they found out I was good at giving life changing advices. I became a councilor. Not a very hard job, but I have the advantage of getting to meet a lot of cute guys.
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PostSubject: Re: Sasuke Sarutobi    Thu 6 Mar - 8:45


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Sasuke Sarutobi
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