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 the phantom thief

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PostSubject: Re: the phantom thief   Tue 1 Jul - 9:00

Ignis was so very adorable. I really enjoyed being his Eidolen. He accepted to help us, even if he didn't have too.
Though when he left that night, I decided to slip into his heart during his mission, staying silent, just to see how he does it. I was happy to see just how good he was. Though I felt something start coursing in his system. It was strange. After we had gone home, Ignis fainted. I got out of his heart. The substance had come from his foot. I stripped him and then touched his feet lightly. I found a very small needle and pulled it out. Now I had to get rid of the toxins. I had to use the old fashioned way, I sucked it out through his foot, then I made a neutralizing drink and fed it to him orally. There seemed to be no toxin left in his body. Satisfied, I picked him up in my arms and carried him to bed. I called Sen for him to come pick up the vials of blood. Though when he got here, he dared ask me for another service.

"We'd like it if you could train a few trustworthy students and teacher in the secret art of ninjas. Our enemy had a shadow warrior on his side."

"Did I not teach you years ago? Or did you ignore my advice and had not practiced as much as necessary?"

From the look on his face, I hit the spot. He looked down, embarrassed and I sighed.

"Fine. I'll teach all of you, again. This time you better retain the lessons. Ignis will be my assistant, he is a very high level ninja, almost as high as I am."

I heard Ignis moan, and heard his heart call out to me. Sen told me when the lessons will start, I told him where and then he left. I walked back to Ignis. He was so sexy in bed right now. I smirked,

"My lovely little ninja. Soon we will teach others about our art. Feeling better?"
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PostSubject: Re: the phantom thief   Thu 3 Jul - 11:02

When he woke up, ignis was all good. Sasuke must have healed him then. When his eidolen and lover went to his arms, ignis simply wrapped his legs and arms around Sasuke and he kissed his beloved one deeply. Then, he heard sasuke spoke about training some people into Ninja. Ignis did not know why they must do that but if his beloved Sasuke wished for it, then they shall do it. Ignis smiled at sasuke and he made out to him deeply. Then, they both took a quick bath. After that, they were summoned by Sen, the headmaster.

Ignis and sasuke went to a secret place with only certain students inside. Ignis only knew one of them, Kurenai. That white eagle was Sen's spouse, of course he'll be there too. The area was surrounded by stones, they were inside a cave behind water fall. It was a perfectly hidden place. Then, for the first round, Kurenai practiced with ignis.

Ignis knew that this man, was an eagle, so, he probably have a very nice reflexes and speed as well. That, was the essence of a ninja. When the duel began, both Kurenai and ignis attacked each other, they were mostly draw since Kurenai was fast, he used his advantage as the predator of the sky. At the end of the duel, Ignis managed to put his blade under Kurenai's chin. Though one inch further.. Kurenai would be able to win, he was holding his own blade, not so far from ignis' neck, though since Ignis was closer, he won.
He grabbed Sasuke and Jumped to his arms and kissed him deeply. He looked into sasuke's eyes. And his heart spoke to sasuke.

,' Kurenai-san… he's fast!"
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the phantom thief
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