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 Astor Dxtreo

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Astor Dxtreo
Convent of the Sources

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Where are you? : In your wildest...nightmares...

PostSubject: Astor Dxtreo   Thu 20 Mar - 15:55

Last Name: Dxtreo
First Name: Astor
Age: 75 364
Sexe: Male
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual /Switch/

Teacher Or Student: Teacher
Class: Nekuromansa
Clan: Convent of the Sources

Dark Circus: Ever been to a circus? Where there are so many fun and entertaining things to see! Joy, laughter, madness...well if you haven't Astor will give you the opportunity to visit his own private circus! Clowns, animals, acrobats whatever you wish for is here! However with a slight change...here the clowns aren't goody-two-shoes, here instead of making animals from balloons they juggle with your most darkest fears making them alive, here the animals are turned into vicious creatures with hunger for flesh and of course instead of throwing knives at the assistance you are being targeted by the acrobats with axes, daggers. By the time you come back to reality, you are delightfuly trembeling on the ground, with tears flowing down your cheeks. It has been all an illusion.

Round, round we go! : Everyone knows that roundabouts are awesome until the point that make you sick! Now imagine a carousel that never stops. It keeps going and going, never reaching it's end-with the same annoying and creepy circus melody going on and on, driving your away from your sane mind and bringing you to the land of craziness!

Simon, says...: Simon, says jump! Simon, says spin! What an entertaining game to play! Whatever Simon says you must do! Including rise from the dead! Once under this spell you turn into a brainless zombie and follow every command that the caster gives you. The spell being improved over the years, became powerful enough to be casted on dead people and make them revive once again live among the living!

Physical Description: Where should I begin from? Hmm..alright! Last time I checked I'm a healthy young ma-no, no damn I sound like my father...'Kays! So I will just try to describe how beautiful I am! Right! I think I'm around 5 7' inches or so and I have a steady, nicely built body structure-for which I'm thankful to mother nature! The abs that I have are fully and 100% on my own record. I tend to keep my body in shape and you know what they say sex is one of the best ways for weight loss and I keep strictly to it! Next best thing in me is the hair! Black raven hair mixed with a little touch of green from me, a my eyes are in the same matching color thanks to Moah~ I recently bought a great earring from a street merchant, for my left ear! Neat isn't it?

Psychological Description:
Pfff you just love to fry people from the pressure of being interrogated, don't you? Fiiiine! Well I guess I have a short temper and don't really stand annoying people, in most cases I either zip their mouths with some minor spell or dispose of them. If I were to say I'm a pervert would you believe me? No matter I am one of the biggest, women, men all the same. Once I set my eyes on someone the first thing I see is him/her fully naked. Playfull? You can say that! The circus is my favourie place! Some say I'm a little kicked in the head, not fully sane but you won't believe them would you?!

Story: Once upon a time...there lived a talented and beutiful boy (me), whose father and mather used to be circus actors. His father-tamed many fantasy beasts from rare to common, the most feared and the weakest! His mother an acrobat that did tripple spins in the air, agile like a monkey and strong willed like a lioness. Their son an apprentance magician, hated them to the depths of his heart. Why would you ask? Behind all the smiles, the cheers and fun the circus he went to was much more different. His circus was full of scandals, yells, anger and hits. Every day all day. One and the same, until one faithful and happy day the boy's wishes came true! While performing one of her usual and many times practised stuns his mother made a mistake in her show that caused her broken backbone and neck-instant death. Oh a happy day! While everyone cried and sobbed for the woman's death the boy plainly looked at her lifeless body and felt relieved. His piece and quiet didn't last long as his father began drinking and constantly hooking up with women and men, bringing home or not returning for days. Year later he kicked the stone as well. Killed by his own trusted beasts in the circus, ironic really. The line of the circus artist still goes on with one slight change...Astor's circus brings you the most terrifying things you have and will meet in your life. Daggers directly striking the body instead of the wheel behind it, man eating beasts, mad killer clowns, sharp poles awaiting you on the ground instead of a safe web and many more!

Circus ''Dxtreo'', awaits you...

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Madora House

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PostSubject: Re: Astor Dxtreo   Thu 20 Mar - 20:28

Welcome creapy circus man.
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Astor Dxtreo
Convent of the Sources

Messages : 6
Where are you? : In your wildest...nightmares...

PostSubject: Re: Astor Dxtreo   Fri 21 Mar - 8:32

-gives a balloon-
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PostSubject: Re: Astor Dxtreo   

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Astor Dxtreo
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