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 The New kazuki ona

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Kazuki Ona
Terra Academy/ Headmaster

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PostSubject: The New kazuki ona   Fri 21 Mar - 16:13

Last Name: Ona
First Name: Kazuki
Age: 26 years old
Sex: man
Sexual Orientation: Gay

Teacher Or Student: Botanical Teacher
Class: Summoner

Physical Description: I have very short blackish blue hair that I have cut at the end of my relationship with Hikaru. My eyes are black and they aren't always soft, I have grown to know how to fight. I am young, my body shows it, but my eyes show something else altogether. I am very thin for a man, though still have some musculature, perhaps that is why people never believe me when I claim to be the Terra Academy's Principal, but truth be told, I am. I use to be dressed in nothing else than traditionnal japanese kimonos and yukatas now I dress in anything I can find that lets  e show some skin. I feel, free in those, so I see not why I would forbide myself from wearing them.

Psychological Description: I'm very patient, of course, earth takes it's time, so do I. I can spend the whole day just sitting and taking care of small plants, while my students look at me and try to do the same. I rarely speak, I don't see a reason too. Earth doesn't need to talk to ask for water, it simply rains. It's in my nature to defend people who deserve it. If you are being bullied for no reason, or simply because the person does not like you, come to me and I will defend you will everything I have. I wouldn't say that I'm lazy, I just like doing things at my own speed. I have become a little less sociable, but I still try to help everyone out. I also don't care for sex anymore. It's just a waste of time.

Story: It wasn't difficult to become the principal at Terra Academy. I was the best in wielding my earth bound powers, so i became in charge of the place as well. There was nobody else. I just naturally fit for that role. So I didn't argue and took responsibilities in my own hands. Though, I was only nineteen when I became the Principal, so I decided to study at the academy where I use to go to learn more things and be more adequat for my job as headmaster of a house filled with Earth Gensono. Though as I studied, I was noticed to be a very smart student, not long after, I was asked to become a teacher here as well. It seemed that they needed someone who knew everything about plants. Who better then a man who could grow them and understand them they said? I saw no reason to refuse and, again, naturally took my place as the botanical Teacher.  
However, not too long ago, I gave up on my powers and changed my ways because my heart was broken by a student name Hikaru. I am still the Terra Academy Headmaster, but I am now a Summoner instead of a Gensono
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Madora House

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PostSubject: Re: The New kazuki ona   Fri 21 Mar - 16:15

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The New kazuki ona
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