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 Class dismissed

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Zhou Tai


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PostSubject: Re: Class dismissed   Wed 25 Jun - 11:12

It was good thing that his master started to smile and be happy. That was good. Zhou Tai and kazuki walked to the beach and then he got a small clam shell. At first, Zhou Tai was a bit lost . they walked into their room again and he looked at kazuki intensely as he held the clam. Though then, he went to the bath and spend very long time there.

He took like one hour of bath though actually, he was bathing and making something there at the same time. He was starring at that clam shell for some time before he decided what to do with it. He remembered, his previous master had a child, little child, and he used to make clam shell necklace for that child. Perhaps Zhou Tai could do the same for his new master?

And so, he tried to make a small hole in that clam. When he did, he took some tiny silver chains and then, he slipped it through that tiny hole. He made it. A shell necklace. As he was done with it after spending long time in the bathroom, he walked out from the tub all naked and dripping wet. Though since he was a bull, he did not really care, animals were used to be naked all the time. Then, he walked towards Kazuki and gave him the necklace he made

,' my old master taught me some trick, perhaps Kazuki-sama would like this clam shell now. And... what is cuddling?? i don't... quite...understand..if.. Kazuki-sama would show me how..then i could do it."

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Class dismissed
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