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 brutal black dragon

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Ryuzaki Oda


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PostSubject: brutal black dragon   Sat 2 Feb - 11:46

Last Name: Oda
First Name: Ryuzaki
Age: 496 968
Sexe: Male
Sexual Orientation:  come to me if you dare!

Teacher Or Student: N/A
Class: Eidolen
Powers: darkness, light

- lord of darkness: i would call the darkness to eat you. feed on you. i was no simple dragon, i don't do flames, those were child's play to me. i do darkness. i would devour your soul your mind, your blood, instantly with a glare of my golden eyes. And of course, since flames are child's play to me, don't bother to play fire with me, coz you're the one who will turn to ashes.

-Redemption ( light):
This is the contrast of my darkness power. With this, I can erase all negative effects and heal any wounds, including abnormal status on someone. It will erase all negative energy and evil aura around the place in an instant.

Physical Description: 4 full lines minimum.

Golden eyes that looked fierce and rude, long black hair that reached my waist and I always kept it loose, fair white skin and strong looking body. It’s not that I trained a lot since my muscles were just average size of a fighter and it blended perfectly with my height and weight. I am around 2 meters tall, people said that I look like a fierce bastard but I don’t really care about it. I am a black dragon, huge one you would say, i could crush that pentagon building with one foot of mine ( when in dragon form) so, you could imagine how huge i am as dragon.
I have six black dragon wings, piercing red eye when i turned into that thing, and of course, scaly back, all black, as dark as the darkest hell.

Psychological Description:

i am kind, strong, filled with pride as an exceptional black dragon. and of course, i am caring as well. but beware, i only acted that way towards the one who owned me. if it was other people, i would happily sank my fangs on you and devour you right away. I'm not a sociable person, i was born as a beast, raised as a beast, a fierce one, dont' tell me how to be nice, and don't even teach me how to be caring towards others! i do what i like. though towards the one who had bond with me, i would always... always stay by his side. i would never hurt that man no matter what. and i would gladly die for him if i could die, i would give my life for his, or exchange it even, so that he could live. of course, those kindness of mine, was buried deep withing my cold golden eyes.

Story: 7 lines minimum (From wall to wall in the post box)

I was born, out of mixture between darkness and flames, thus, i became a special species of a dragon. i am not mere dragon. i am, an exceptional one.  enough about my greatness, after i was born, i found myself someone, a man, who was in need of help. he was obviously in love with me like crazy but... hey.. i'm a beast!!!! i'm a beast and what you'd expect from a beast? love? well.. i do care about him deeply and i do willing to forge the bond between us, but i was a beast, a dragon, if that dude was about to teach me how to be a lover, well.. he would have one hell of a work to do. but one thing was for sure, i would protect him from anything. i would always stay by his side like a shadow. I had to admit, i like this man, though sometimes i was a bit cold and all. well.. i look cruel and cold in the outside anyway, it was all over my appearance.

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Madora House

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PostSubject: Re: brutal black dragon   Sat 2 Feb - 11:54

I validate you!
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brutal black dragon
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