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 The storm Dragon

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PostSubject: The storm Dragon   Tue 24 Jun - 9:09

Last Name: Arashi
First Name: Raikou
Age: 98 years old
Sex: Man
Sexual Orientation: ...

Teacher Or Student: Blacksmith (metalworks teacher)
Class: Eidolen
Clan: --
Sacrifice: --
Odin's Wrath: I manipulate lightning with ease.
Valkyrie's Blessing: I can heal any wound.

Physical Description:
Dragon are respected and loved, however, one species are not as well known as the rest Storm Dragons. Their marine blue and black scales remind people of the night sky. Their veins pulsate as their heart beats a light blue, white, like the lightning they control. When in dragon form, I have no arms, I use the claws at the center of my wings to walk around. My tail is very long and I use it as a whip sometimes.
My man form is that of a warrior, since my father never saw me as one, I always trained. However, my strength was never impressive enough for Father. I have very long black hair and light golden eyes. My skin is pale since I am not allowed to go out during the day, only as a dragon and only during a storm to recharge.
Psychological Description:
I strive for recognition. Everything I do is to be told I do a good job. I've become quite numb because of the way my father has treated me across the years. I'm a submissive man, but there is always a battle inside me, a desire to be free from my Father.
Compared to my father, I value a good negotiation over a blood bath. I am however a warrior and will fight for what I believe is the right path. Sadly, I was crushed at a very young age. My only escape seems to be if a Summoner calls for me. A friend tells me that we feel it in our hearts when we are summoned.

I'm tired of being what you want me to be
Feeling so faithless, lost under the surface
Don't know what you're expecting of me
Put under the pressure of walking in your shoes

I've become so numb, I can't feel you there
Become so tired, so much more aware
I'm becoming this, all I want to do
Is be more like me and be less like you

Can't you see that you're smothering me,
Holding too tightly, afraid to lose control?
'Cause everything that you thought I would be
Has fallen apart right in front of you.
Every step that I take is another mistake to you.
And every second I waste is more than I can take.

And I know
I may end up failing too.
But I know
You were just like me with someone disappointed in you.

This song really represents who I am. My father had never been proud of me. No matter what I did, how I did it, it was just never good enough for my father. A friend of mine had told me to be an Eidolen, it would make me be bound to one person for all our life. If I got lucky, I would get a good Summoner. So I waited until my heart was summoned.
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PostSubject: Re: The storm Dragon   Tue 24 Jun - 9:34


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The storm Dragon
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