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 Eshi evolve

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Hikaru Eshi
The Great Lake Pack

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PostSubject: Eshi evolve    Tue 5 Aug - 6:34

Last Name:Eshi
First Name: Hikaru
Sexual Orientation:gay

Teacher Or Student:Language
Class:Tasōnosenshi, fox
Clan:The Great Lakes Pack

1. stealth: The ability to erase his own presence.
2.evoke: The ability to partially transform parts of his body into that of a fox and being able to emphasise them.
3.dream illusion: the ability to cause people to have an illusion almost like they were dreaming.

Physical Description:
While he is still Hikaru with his long limbs he has somewhat changed in a few subtle ways. He was already quite tall and lanky but he grew a few inches over the years and developed more toned and defined muscles, though he still is nowhere near looking like a sentou. His hair is slightly darker his skin tone slightly fairer due to him spending less time out basking/sleeping in the sun.
The most unique feature of his has always been his violet eyes which now are hidden behind a pair of thick glasses, which rather than help him see better actually make things less clear. many people would actually probably not recognise him now not because of all these slight difference but for the fact he started to dress more formally instead of wearing anything that was comfortable. He now wears a suit with a tie and a stern look that can pierce through any misbehaving students.

Extra:His fox form has also grown now, he used to be smaller than the average fox but he's grown into a normal fox size.

Psychological Description:
There are still parts of the old him that show through, he still likes sleep and naps but he doesn't do it at inappropriate times. His curiosity and interest in random thing still exists, something he couldn't change and so that's why he wears glasses, if he can't focus on anything his mind won't wander, he thinks it's a simple if somewhat irritating solution. The only time in which he may take them off is during sex and when he does he gets a bit perverted.
There are some thing that changed dramatically, he no longer slacks off or never tries and more than that he has come to understand other people's feelings, how he affects them and the importance of feelings.

[if kazuki finds anything wrong with it I'll change it]
When he was a student he began a relationship with his teacher it was good for a while but Hikaru's childish nature and lack of care for anyone but himself shone through. He quickly went back to sleeping through his classes, including botany, he often got distracted by things and forgot to pay attention to his lover even forgetting dates that were planned. BUT by far the worse thing he did was sleep with another person just because they asked him. When Kazuki spoke up about the way Hikaru was behaving he said, "let's break up then", the face his teacher made at that point stuck with him and it took him a while to figure out why. He had said I love you without really knowing what it had meant and then he had realised that he had truly loved him. Hikaru felt like it was too late to fix things, he wanted to better himself to stop sleeping away his life, become more focused and aware of others. At that time he had thought he'd come back for his love, sweep him off his feet but after years of travelling the world, experiencing different cultures and letting himself evolve he came to the realisation that it would never be as it was that even if he changed it had ended, his first love had ended a long time ago.
As he re-entered those same halls as a teacher, a part of him hoped that maybe these walls would bring him a second great love.
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Madora House

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PostSubject: Re: Eshi evolve    Sun 17 Aug - 11:42

Hikaru? Kazuki Ona's former rp partner?
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Hikaru Eshi
The Great Lake Pack

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PostSubject: Re: Eshi evolve    Sat 23 Aug - 20:29

Yes. That would be me.
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PostSubject: Re: Eshi evolve    

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Eshi evolve
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