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 Win me back [prp Hikaru]

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Hikaru Eshi
The Great Lake Pack

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PostSubject: Re: Win me back [prp Hikaru]   Sun 1 Feb - 22:53

Part of me was worried that when I awoke it would be to Kazuki shouting at me for having broken my promises but instead I got the sweet tastes of his lips. My eyes scanned his body, head to toe admiring each mark that was left by me, imprinted on his skin. There was something so beautiful about it. I had claimed him as my lover, left my mark so no one else could touch him. My arms came out, wrapping around him and pulling him ontop of me so I could taste more of those lips.

"it's okay you don't need to stand, if you need to go anywhere I can carry you there"

I smiled, truly happy to have him in my grasp once more and I wasn't intending on letting him go a second time. My lips claimed him, passionately, needing.. Because I did need him, more than I needed anything and my lips conveyed that, my tongue implied it as it slipped passed his lips, all his defences so I could explore the depths of his mouth. The newer responsible part of me knew that we needed to teach our classes but Kazuki made me feel like I was young again, like nothing matter..like the only thing that could matter would be wrapping my arms around his body and falling to sleep with him, after a little more 'play' time ofcourse.
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Win me back [prp Hikaru]
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