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 The man who challenged god

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Ocean Academy

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PostSubject: The man who challenged god   Wed 3 Sep - 6:12

Last Name:--
First Name:Dyonisis
Sexual Orientation:asexual

Teacher Or Student: teacher : Librarian
Class: gensono
Clan: oceanic academy
Control: just your typical control over water, from lakes and etc.
Trident: he can summon the mythical three forked spear said to have belonged to Poseidon.
Water serpent: there need not even be any water near by he can bring forth a massive serpent made of water.
Dehydrate: the ability to take water from another persons body and make them pass out or even kill them from dehydration.

Physical Description: he is a very good looking man with just the right amount of muscle adorning his body that it makes him look strong and sexy at the same time though these muscles are normally covered with layers of clothes often either of traditional Japanese or Greek fashion, he also wear a pair of gold hoop earrings.
He has beautiful, soft long black hair that reaches down his back. He has a pair of piercing yellow eyes that are most often set in a glare or focused on a book. He face is very well angled and is what most would call handsome though on his back is something else, a very large scar.
Psychological Description:
Dyonisis is what one would call a serous sort of fellow, he has his goals and that is all he can see. He isn't interested in other people and sex nor is he swayed by those blessed with looks or easily seduced. The only thing he cares about is power and so if you wished to be respected you must prove yourself. While he has the title of teacher he actually doesn't need to teach students which is lucky on the student behalf as he can be a bit of a spartan. Still students often annoy him and need to be punished as they are loud and even dare to try and get away with having sex within his library, these students get to see the truly cruel side of him.

Dyonisis was born in a time where a man proved himself by going on an adventure, by proving his strength and conquering those with power. He accompanied the Romans with in battles and saw them one but eventually the battle of humans were not enough then even his fellow beings weren't what he aimed for but the gods themselves. He doesn't talk about what happened when he went of to find 'god' but he returned with a large scar on his back. He began at this point to read, develop his skill more a long with his intelligence and that is why he entered the school as a librarian as it library holds some of the rarest books.
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Madora House

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PostSubject: Re: The man who challenged god   Wed 3 Sep - 8:31

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The man who challenged god
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