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 The 'kind' nekumonsa

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Convent of the Sources

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PostSubject: The 'kind' nekumonsa    Wed 5 Nov - 6:06

Last Name:
First Name:Crusoe
Sexual Orientation:meh

Teacher Or Student:Art teacher
Class: nekumonsa
Clan: n/a convents were created in a time he had no interest in being with others. (Hope that's allowed otherwise convent of the sources)
+shadow camouflage, ability to absorb ones physical presence into the shadows.
+shadow puppet, ability to take control of another beings movements by manipulating their shadow.
+animated shadow, ability to animate ones own shadow into whatever they desire.
Physical Description:
He has a soft, creamy complexion, silky long chocolate brown hair and an alluring set of lips, but he also is tall with long, toned limbs and strong arms. Meaning he attracts many different kinds of people. He has deep brown eyes and if one looked deeply enough into them they may be able to see that while he looks young his eyes are old and have seen, experienced many things. While he normally looks neat and tidy it wouldn't be strange to see him going around with a paint splotch or two, some clay residue or at times his hands can be covered with charcoal.
Psychological Description:
Cursoe is a nekumonsa and so it's not strange to think he has a few screws loose and often because of this he'll find himself needing to take short and unplanned breaks from his work to immerse himself in drawing and painting, it helps to sooth his soul and dull his natural impulses to take his rage out on others, kill and jump on anything that moves to please himself. Thanks to art he is able to control himself and leave contented, he smiles for the sake of being happy now instead of smiling for the fact he's just ripped out someone's throat. He is a caring sort of person and while he likes the idea of love he knows he wouldn't be able to control himself in the bedroom, and hurting the people he loves.. He never wants to do that again.

For thousands of years Cursoe had been the one behind many wars and famous serial killers, having gotten ahold of their shadows and controlling them like puppets.. That's ofcourse how he felt like back then, the world was his oyster and it's inhabitants his play things. The nekumonsa revelled in th pain of others, bathed himself in blood and his mind was full of nothing but pain and pleasure. It was in France during the years of the revolution that it changed, he'd met an artist and claimed them as his lover.. It was already weird in the beginning for him not to have killed his partner right after or even during sex but for some reason he didn't. They taught him about art, something he had never before cared about.. Slowly he became interested, slowly he found himself spending more time with them and less indulging himself in the pain and death of others.. For the first time ever he had felt the feeling on would call 'love' however he didn't admit it, not to his lover, not even to himself, not until he lost it. One night he'd simply lost it and his hands ended up covered in the blood of his love.. That was the moment the will to change himself had been created, he no longer wanted to be a monster.. He'd do it for his love.
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Madora House

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PostSubject: Re: The 'kind' nekumonsa    Fri 19 Dec - 14:50

So sorry I was hositalized><
Anywys everthing is good.
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The 'kind' nekumonsa
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