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 Tsumi might bite ;p

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Tsumi Shitto
The Great Northern Pack

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PostSubject: Tsumi might bite ;p   Sun 18 Jan - 21:58

Last Name: Shitto
First Name: Tsumi
Age: 28 years old
Sexe: Man
Sexual Orientation: Isn't it obvious? >.>

Teacher Or Student: Student
Class: Tasonosenshi
Clan: The great northern pack
Sacrifice: --
1- Bloom

Physical Description: I never fit in with my siblings. They are all manly, big and buffed men. Dragons. Real ones. Powerful. I, on the other hand, took my physique from our mother. I am thin, short for a man, I have soft skin, a soft face. My eyes are another oddity from my brothers, they are violet instead of black or golden. My hair is the only thing we all have in common, however I keep my raven black hair quite long.
My other form is also different from my siblings. Where they took after our father, a dragon, I took after our mother, a cat. I am a black cat. Long thin tail, pointed black ear and slit pupils.
Psychological Description: Even though my role, same as everyone in my family, is to serve someone for all my life, I have taken a liking to luxury. Why would I resolve myself to look dirty even if I must serve somebody? It is not my fault if the one I am to serve looks gross while I look fantastic.
Anyways, I'll serve the one I am bound to, but my way. I don't care if it pleases him or not. I am bossy, I know what I want and I expect a reward for doing what I'm told. Furthermore, I will not get myself dirty.

Story: I was born ahead of time. My mother didn't think I would make it pass the night. My father believed that I would be just as strong as my brothers, of course his opinion changed rather quickly when he saw me turning into a cat. Then, I was the responsibility of my mother and the nurses of the family.
When I was old enough, I began school. I discovered that, just like an actual cat, I liked luxury. Soft things, shiny things. However, my destined job was never far from me. I will one day have to bow down before someone else and obey. Ha! That person will have to either tame me or break me. I'm not bending in any way I don't feel like bending.
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Madora House

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PostSubject: Re: Tsumi might bite ;p   Sun 18 Jan - 22:07

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Tsumi might bite ;p
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