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 Come here kitty kitty kitty.

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Xai Park Un
Madora House

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PostSubject: Come here kitty kitty kitty.    Sun 18 Jan - 22:48

Last Name: Park Un
First Name: Xai
Age: 89
Sexual Orientation:panasexual
Teacher Or Student: student
Class: Sentou
Clan: the Madora house

-the ability to manipulate the shapes of metal
-he can lift a million time his own body weight

Physical Description:
He's a sentou and that's not hard to see with his ripped body, each muscle containing the strength sentou are so well known for. His upper body is not only well defined but he has a series of intricate tattoo's, his arms, neck, back and chest. He has shoulder length fair hair, steel blue eyes and a very cocky grin. Whenever he is not at home he wears a set of wolverine like claws that he uses to cut open his enemies, his victims.

Psychological Description:
He loves blood, perhaps his obsession is even as great as the founder's of his house, he cuts down his opponents with glee, a grin always spread wide across his face as he seme's those beautiful crimson streams. He is cocky, self- centered and no matter what anyone says, it floats through one ear and out the other. He is used to getting his way, he always gets his way no matter what methods he might have to use. He often calls his sexual prey 'little kitty', treating them like their a pet, like he owns them.

Xai is from a well established Sentou family, it is not odd for people to serve him. Perhaps it is how servants were always at his beck and call as a child that helped create the man he is today. While technically he is a student, he doesn't tend to attend any classes.. He prefers to stay inside his private luxury cabin on school grounds where he can play with his Kitties to his hearts content. Recently he drove his butler away with his antics, a nice old man he was.. But Xai didn't care much for him. No he looked forward to seeing what sort of replacement his parents had hired for him. No doubt they'd try and pick someone who could maybe manage to get their boy to attend some classes.
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Madora House

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PostSubject: Re: Come here kitty kitty kitty.    Mon 19 Jan - 6:26

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Come here kitty kitty kitty.
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