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 Lijuan Zhou

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Lijuan Zhou
The Sacred Flame Academy
Lijuan Zhou

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PostSubject: Lijuan Zhou   Wed 4 Mar - 23:05

Last Name: Zhou
First Name: Lijuan
Age: 16
Sexe: man
Sexual Orientation: unknown

Teacher Or Student: Student
Class: Gensono
Clan: Sacred flame Academy
Sacrifice: (Summoner)
1- Hellfire: Burns brighter and hotter than any flame.
2- Dragon's skin: protects from any harm.

Physical Description: My Chinese genes really show in my face a d body, however, I make it even worse by letting my long black hair natural. The only thing I ever do to it is tie it up. My eyes are also black. I like wearing mostly Chinese style clothing, I add the colors of my home as well, red, white and golden. I'm not tall, but my presence commands respect. Sadly for me, this physique that I am proud of is often made fun of by other men. They look at me and claim that I am too feminine for my attitude. Well, as we say back home, they can all burn in hell.

Psychological Description: I am born from two Gensono, which by today is a rare feat. Although I do not share most of their views on my education. Of course I value knowledge, like any Magi, but I am also very interested by the art over combat. I do not believe a Magi should limit himself to magic alone. Furthermore, in today's society if one cannot defend himself with his body, then he is not a man. I am a man. I very rarely use my flames. I will not let people step all over me.

Story: My birth was celebrated grandly as I was born pure. That meant that both my parents were Gensono of the sacred flame. Both were Ifrit. Add to the rarity of children born within the sacred flame and I was deemed a miracle. Be it as you think, I was no angel growing up. I would no sit still during my private tutoring. I would run away and play. One day, I ran further and found myself in the Yin yang academy. Even though they were gensono like me, they were learning to balance wisdom and combat. I spied on them and learned their combat techniques quickly. Their principal caught me and became my private tutor. At the age of eight, I was already deadlier than any flame. At the age of twelve, I was undefeated. Now a new chapter arises as I step into an academy where all types will be. I will earn respect.
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Madora House

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PostSubject: Re: Lijuan Zhou   Wed 4 Mar - 23:06

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Lijuan Zhou
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