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 Raise me from the ashes

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Lijuan Zhou
The Sacred Flame Academy
Lijuan Zhou

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PostSubject: Raise me from the ashes   Thu 5 Mar - 22:58

I've had enough of people belittling me because of my soft features. I was stronger than most of them, I had more determination than all of them and I was a sacred flame. One does not provoke a flame without expecting a blaze. I would no longer stand idle and wait for them to harass me. I will become even stronger, faster, deadlier.
That morning,.I awoke with the sun as usual, dressed up casually and headed down to the food court. I grabbed a quick yet healthy breakfast then went to the sport center before anyone else was awake. I did what I normally did in the morning and started by running a few miles, then I went to the pool and hesitantly went in to swim a few laps. Flames usually don't mkx well with water, but my training forced me to get used to everything. However, after a few laps, I sensed another person around. I stood up and looked around and spotted a man in the archery field. He didn't pay attention to me, that was a good thing. Sadly, something about his posture disturbed me. But as I looked more and more, I became increasingly aware of one thing. His posture was perfect. Absolutely perfect. His arm extension, his straight back, his muscular figure...wait...I shook my head and I was about to swim some more when I heard people.

"Hey Lily! Nice nipples! Are trying to seduce me?"

The water around me started boiling. I was enraged. I wanted to burn him to a crisp. I was about to get out of the pool to teach them a lesson when another voice rose behind me.

"His name is Lijuan. Now if you boys aren't here to train, get out. I don't have time to deal with unicellular morons at the moment. Lijuan, join me in the office for a moment."

The bastards left and I got out of the pool, steam floating on my skim. I grabbed my clothes and then headed to the office. Was this man a teacher? As I came into the office, I saw that he was indeed the owner of this bureau. He offered meeting a seat that I only took to be polite.

"Did I do something wrong, Sensei?"
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Ocean Academy Principal

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PostSubject: Re: Raise me from the ashes   Sun 31 May - 19:54

My day started off as calmly as any other day. I took care of my own Academy, helped some warriors from my clan with the new recruits selection and then I gave adequate punishments to those who deserved it. It was only after all that did I go to the sorts center. My magic abilities being off the charts, I trained my body everyday. My favorite sport seemed to be archery. The perfection required for it matches my need for discipline.
However, not everyone can respect the privacy i wish to have during my training. I didn't mind the efreet. He was doing his own training in silence. But the other students that had come only to bother him annoyed me. With a reluctant sigh, i walked over to the pool, the water was boiling. An effect of the efreet's anger. I stopped the incoming battle and summoned Lijuan Zhou to my office. The boy came in and sat down. I waited a bit, studying him as he was studying me. We thought alike it seemed. He trusted me as much as i trusted him. I then heard his voice, strong yet respectful. I liked it. He asked if he had done anything wrong. I gave him a smirk and crossed my arms on my chest.

"We are alike you and I, Lijuan Zhou. We both wish to excel in everything we pursue. And we both wish to do so in peace. I hve a proposition for you, Mr Zhou. I will open this center before and after hours for you, however, being as it is a magical lock that is controled by the headmaster, you will have to move into my private quarters with me."

I found this to be a good proposal. He would be able to train without interruption and I will be able to work on my socializing skills. It was win win on both sides.
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Raise me from the ashes
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