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 Dokota Akiho

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Dakota Akiho
Convent of the Sources

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PostSubject: Dokota Akiho   Wed 6 Mar - 14:54

Last Name: Akiho
First Name: Dakota
Age: 356
Sexe: male
Sexual Orientation: Anything that pleases me I'm good with.

Teacher Or Student: Dark Arts Teachers
Class: Nekuromansa
Clan: Convent of the Sources

-Black Bounds (Darkness)
-Sirens Wail (Darkness)
-Hold of Death (Darkness)

Black Bounds: His palms would be facing down towards the ground and immediately black shadows would fly up and would tie up a victim from their feet to their neck, basically making a cocoon around them.
Sirens Wail: With this power a high pitched scream will sound, causing anything that is fragile to break into nothingness. It can also knock out anyone who is unfortunate enough to be caught when it is sounded as well as making those with weak minds to go absolutely crazy and turn into a twitching heap of a person.
Hold of Death: When this power is in use, Dakota will be able to manipulate anything he wishes, so long as he is concentrating on that sole item. He can force them to do anything he wish's and they can only break it if they can get through to him which rarely happens.

Physical Description:
Standing at the length of 2'11m, Dakota is well built and has a firm looking physique. His dark purple hair reaches just past his chest but he ties it up with a white string. He wears black lace up boots that reach just below his knees and black pants are tucked into them, he was a black leather jacket over a white tank top and usually has a purple sash tied around his waist. Sometimes he wears two necklaces, one a rosary and the other is a piece of thin leather with a black stone on it, he also wears bracelets sometimes though its usually leather or tweed that has been twisted and tied around his wrist.

Psychological Description: Rarely seen without a scowl on his face, Dakota is anything but happy. This is mostly because people have degraded and used him to their own advantage ever since he was a young boy which has made him hostile to anyone who messes with him. He think rationally about everything and see's emotions as annoying feelings that people are forced to live with. Never has he ever helped those unless their "dying" in his opinion and absolutely hates it when people try to mess with his mind. Plainly, he just hates everything that even tries to get a smile on his face and will ultimately kill or disfigure the thing.

Initially, Dakota's parents thought he would be a girl before he was born and told almost everyone that their "daughter" was named Dakotah. So you could imagine the disappointment when Dakota turned out to be a boy, though his parents didn't care for him any less but his two older brothers teased him about his name as well as the fact that he looked like a girl all through childhood, until one day he snapped and killed them both. His parents stricken with grief and disbelief, abandoned him though he didn't let this hurt him or anything and so continued to become a Necromansa. Though the guilt of killing his brothers did wane on him.

As years passed he grew more and more powerful and became top in his grade before passing with flying colors. This of course caused him to get noticed in a bad way and so he was bullied though he ignored it and controlled his temper until he left the school and continued his studies and then becoming a teacher of the Dark Arts. He was aware that people avoided him and it didn't bother him in the slightest, in fact he was somewhat happy that they did. The students learned that if they were to respect him and not fight with him, he would do so in return, as well as that they should never ever ever call him by his first name.

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Madora House

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PostSubject: Re: Dokota Akiho   Wed 6 Mar - 16:21

I'll ask you to move the descritpion of your powers to where you wrote you powers.
Other then that, I'm Validating you. Have fun on Spell Casters.
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Dokota Akiho
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