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 Irenn Tulaya

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Irenn Tulaya

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PostSubject: Irenn Tulaya   Sun 10 Mar - 1:31

Last Name: Tulaya
First Name: Irenn
Age: 16
Sexe: Female
Sexual Orientation: either is fine, I guess...

Teacher Or Student: Student
Class: Chiryo-Sha
Clan: Monastary

- Mind Repair

-Telepathy gives Irenn the ability to travel through the thoughts and memories of others, regardless of who they are and what they do. Using this ability, she can also communicate with others as easily as if she were really talking.

- Mind Adjust is what Irenn uses to help people mentally. Some people want to forget certain things, and Irenn can do it with Mind Adjust. repairing someone's mind is her strong point, she can also restore memory and help a person recover from being mentally crazy or help people overcome fear and such.

Physical Description: Irenn is a slender figure who isn't the strongest or fastest in the world, but makes it by. She is about 5'6 feet tall or so, maybe a bit less. Her breasts are slightly bigger than the average female's, or at least she sees them that way. She has long, brown hair and brown Eyes. Her skin is fair and beautiful. She wears a black tank top with a white stripe down the middle with rectangular black buttons going down. Over it, she wears a button-down white shirt with only top button buttoned. She rolls up her sleeves most of the time. She wears red shorts with black legging under, tucked in short brown boots. She has a black and white striped purse with long straps that she swings over her shoulder, which the purse has bright purple buckles. She is very serious, so rarely would you find a smile on her face.

Psychological Description: Irenn has always loved helping people for the greater good, but some fear that she'll mess up your head or make you forget something. Her serious personality doesn't help much either. She has a tendency to stalk people if she finds them interesting. She has a spunky attitude that you would find in many teenagers, but Irenn likes to keep the spunkiness to herself, if she can. She also likes to impress people with her superior 'intellect', which may be the only time you'll see her smile.

Story: Irenn's parents were both from monasteries and Were both Chiryo-Sha. Irenn was born in the winter wih her twin sister, Avielle. Irenn was always jealous of Avielle in so many ways, Avielle was beautiful beyond compare. Avielle was also artistically inclined, something Irenn lacked. There was one thing that Irenn had, though, that would make up for all of Avielle's beauty and talent, and it was sanity. Avielle was crazy and suicidal, whispering strange things at night, Avielle was also much more mentally powerful, even so that Irenn, top telepath of the family, couldn't even tap into Avielle's head. One rainy summer night, Avielle died in her sleep. Confused and sad, Irenn spent the rest of her summer at home, mourning her sister's death. It took a while, but since Irenn had been thirteen at Avielle's death, Irenn needed to go back and master her powers. From that day forth, Irenn vowed that if anyone she tried to cure died of being mentally ill, Irenn would kill herself since she could clearly not help someone again, if two had already died because she couldn't prevent it.
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Madora House

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PostSubject: Re: Irenn Tulaya   Mon 11 Mar - 11:26


I'll put the rest of the info up once I get the chance. Have fun!
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Irenn Tulaya
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