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 just another gensono

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PostSubject: just another gensono   Mon 15 Apr - 10:46

Last Name: Ketsueki
First Name: Kurai
Age: 6 555
Sexual Orientation:----

Teacher Or Student: Teacher
Class: Gensono
Clan: Yin Yang academy

Powers: (Up to Two for students and Four for teachers. Please remember that your powers must have a relation with your Class!

golden sun : healing ability. This can heal either physical or psychological wounds. This skill could heal massive people who suffered injuries, but it would work most effective when it was used on less people.

The red eye: summon a huge red eye made of black flame. This eye will consume the people's souls who looked at it. Once their soul is consumed, the only thing they could do is become the caster's puppet or, if the caster was generous enough, he would set the victim free and return the soul back to where it belongs. This can also destroy the soul of the victim if the caster desired it to.

Angel feathers : cast a huge angel wings that allows the caster to fly ( the wings will appear on the caster's back ) there are six golden wings that will appear, and the caster will have an incredible speed of flight. Also, if desired, every time he flapped those wings, he could drop some golden powders that has the healing power.

Thousands swords : this power can be used when the caster already cast angel feathers. This turned those feathers into diamond blades that surrounds the caster. Later, the caster could shot those blades ( like shooting bullets) and used it as weapon.

Physical Description: 4 full lines minimum. (From wall to wall in the post box)

I have a long silky brown hair that looks like a long black silk thrown over my shoulder. My figure is slim, tall, and thin, the height is around 188 Cm and weight is around 70 kg, so I am thin and tall just like I said. I have interest in traditional clothes, and hair styles. So, most of the time I wore a traditional yukata or hanfu. The color is always in bright colors. In usual occasion, I will wear a white yukata with a silver belt, completed with emerald jewels on the right side of my waist. My eyes are light hazel colored, with black pupils. My skin is creamy white, so it's not a pale one. My figure is so feminine and lady like, so people tend to believe me as a woman ( of course I'm not a lady). As for my hair style, I always wear an old fashioned hair accessories that can only be found in the old era of the Orientals. The hair accessory that I wear is colored in silver with flowery ornament on it.

Psychological Description: 4 full lines minimum (From wall to wall in the post box):

I am gentle person, kind, polite, just the kindest person you could possibly find. However, i could be savage and evil when i am pushed. I live my life in a humble home that I have. Just a place I can always relax in and spend my free time in. I like traditional designs, ornaments, writings, arts, and all. It can be said that I am so into traditional things and historical things as well. I don't really interact with people even though I am kind. I am a quiet person and mostly like to withdraw myself from the crowd. It's not that I am not a smooth talker, it's just that , I don't really like to bother people with their problems. If they need my aid, then they are free to come to me at anytime.

Other things about me is that I am a great cook when it come to traditional foods. I can only cook traditional foods and beverages so never ask me to do something modern or I will surely ruin the taste. Maybe that's all about me… the rest shall follow.

Story: 7 lines minimum (From wall to wall in the post box)

As an art teacher, I have lots of ability when it comes to artworks. I can do calligraphy, paintings, literature, and a lot more, even dancing. However, what I liked the most was calligraphy and literature. I played with words and arts. I use sweet words to express my feelings and sometimes become over reacted with it  or too drowned into the words that I arrange. I can make poetry, stories, tales, and maybe more than that. However, poetry is what I like the most, in poetry I could express myself and don't need to feel shy about it. Though I never recite my poems, I merely write them, publish them and make more money from it. That was for my usual daily life. Not so different from other people's.

However, I always have another life, a life that reminds mystery to other people but me. Of course, behind my angelic face, there is a devil lurking inside. It's just that nobody knows about it, just me and myself. I barely let other people stay close to me or cling to me too often. Mostly I will chase away those who wants to stick to my side. I feel that people just like me because of my beauty and fragile looking figure. They see me as a woman and please themselves with their own fantasy about me. I like to let it flow, and live my 'second' life secretly.
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PostSubject: Re: just another gensono   Mon 15 Apr - 16:47

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just another gensono
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