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 The Great Classes

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PostSubject: The Great Classes   Sun 25 Mar - 15:58

Here is a short description of every Class. These Class are the type of magic you will be using. Choose wisely.

They are those who have a strong concentration of combat magic. They have increased strengh and perfect reflexes. They can understand weapons, but sometimes decided to perfect the art of hand to hand fighting. In other words, the art of combat has no more secrets for them.
More Information: The fighers love to be organised. They don't really get along with theTasonosenshi because they think they are to carefree. They are divided in different Houses. Eery house has their House Leader; usually the strongest and the oldest amongst them.

These people are the mages who may use the elements surrounding them. They do not have one in particullar, it's more that they excel in one and others that they use easily or with some difficulties.
More Information: They like to live with people that excel in the same element as them. A never ending rivalry is established between the Water elementals and Fire elemantals as well as between thos of Air and Earth. They usually live out in "Academies."

Perhaps the strangest beings of this world; the Tasonosenshi can take the form of any animal . However, being as this is in their bodies, they are also aught with both the advantages and disavantadges of the animal itself.
More Information: They are also different because they prefer being nomades. They live in Packs and that, whatever the animal the Tasonosenshi choses to tranforme into. Furthermore, if the father of a family is a Metamorphe, his kids and the futur generations will unavoidably turn into the animal He turns into. So, if your grandfather is a weasel, too bad, you are one as well! each Pack has a Chief, or an Alpha, but Packs aren't alays together. The most important thing in the eyes of a Tasonosenshi is their family and they will defend it with their lives.

They invoque the darkest sides of magic. Some even lose their minds, others try to use the dark forces to help others. It is not rare to see them with a split personnality problem. They love calling forth demons in order to use them as their personnal servants or slaves.
More Information: They are the most solitary, though they still live together in what they call "Convents". Never trust a smiling  Nekuromansa, he simply has the intention to kill you.

Possibly the weakest and the strongest at the same time. They specialise in the art of healing, but some take their skills up to hand reading, visions, star study, telepathy and other things like that.
More Information: They often live in small groups to help eachother out  with their different skills. The places they live are so pure that normal humans do not even notice them. They call them "The Monastaries.

For Expert Level RPs

They are not as long lasting as the rest of the Classes. Actually, they do not heal as quickly and they can only survive long thanks to their Summon or Eidolen. Furthermore, they have no powers. Take note that a Summoner can only have One Summon. To gain that creature under their Orders, they must have sacrificed something important to them. The Summoner and his creature are bond for eternity and can't be seperated, though if the Summoner groes too weak to control his summon the creature could become uncontrolable and stop listening to his Master.
Note: A weak Summoner will only call for a weak Eidolen.

They are bound to one Master for eternity. If they see that the sacrificed made buy those who call upon them are great enough, they may forge the bond. They are creatures or animals at the base, but they can take the shape of a man, keeping some of their original bodies with them. For example, a dragon Summon will keep his wings or thorns in his man form.
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The Great Classes
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