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 introducing the lovely Hikaru

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Hikaru Eshi
The Great Lake Pack

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PostSubject: introducing the lovely Hikaru    Thu 16 May - 0:22

Last Name: Eshi
First Name: Hikaru
Age: 21
Sex: Male
Sexual Orientation: Anything goes
Teacher Or Student: student
Class: Tasōnosenshi
Clan: The Great Lakes Pack
His reason for being in the great lakes pack is that it’s less demanding than the northern one with no need to run around searching for food he often spends his time sleeping underneath the sun on a rock by the riverside.

Evoke- Hikaru is a sly little fox but don’t let that fool you he had very sharp teeth, claws and the agility to make it potentially lethal. His fox form quite deceptive from his humanoid appearance is snow white colour the only strong resemblance being their piercing hyacinth eyes.
Stealth – Hikaru quite enjoys sneaking up on people like he came out of thin air. He has light footwork, flexible enough to fit in tight spaces and has a complete control over his presence allowing him to sneak up on even the most aware people.

Physical Description:
Hikaru doesn’t really have any defined muscles to speak of since he is so carefree and unmotivated to work on them but that doesn’t mean he has none to speak of. Though not a prominent aspect of his body he does have reasonably toned muscles. The more eye catching aspect of his body would have to be his long ligaments especially his fingers and neck which make him look somewhat sensual.
He has hyacinth shaded eyes that seem to always be slanted as though he is still half-asleep. Unlike his eyes his hair seem to be a somewhat normal colour of a generic dark brown with lighter flecks seeming to get more dominant at the ends of his hair.
His soft skin texture gives justice to his fair complexion sort of like a white fluffy cloud, we don't know that it's soft but it sure does look like it.

Psychological Description:
He loves sleep and relaxation, he is completely carefree taking his time wherever he goes, stopping to smell the roses. He can get preoccupied by such acts and can be often late because he stopped to look at something, perhaps it's a strange form of curiosity where he is unable to leave an object that piques his interest until he finds everything out about it.
He doesn’t generally like putting in a lot of effort and would rather spend his time outside basking in the sun. He tends to find himself alone though he doesn't make a habit of isolating himself and wouldn't mind company as he is a generally friendly type of person as long as he takes a liking to you but if he doesn’t he can’t help but want to mess with your mind, often sneaking up behind them and scaring the daylights out of them.
Never forget Hikaru is a fox and just like a fox he can be a bit cunning and deceitful when he finds it necessary. Even though he may seem harmless given he gives of the feeling he is quite the air-head but don't be mistaken he's IQ is actually abnormally high and if he should ever feel the need to use it, it would mean you managed the very hard task of making him angry and if you think yourself wise you'd better watch your back.

extra tid bits :
He has an excellent talent at ignoring the content of anyone's words that he doesn't agree with or isn't interested in.
He isn't to fussy about what he eats but maybe that's because he's a horrible cook.
He really doesn't like over-powering scents.

Hikaru has what you call the easy life he never really has any major problems or when he does he simply chooses to stay ignorant to it. He has always has a lazy disposition even from a young age, learning the ways how to duck and weave his way out of chores and work.
Hikaru has also always had a strange curiosity for all things once when he was only a little cub he found himself looking a little white rabbit, it looked very fluffy like a nice warm pillow so he chased after it. The rabbit of course not realising Hikaru had no wish to hurt it ran off and he followed running behind and eventually getting lost. He felt as though if he gave up on the rabbit then he would lose and that was defiantly not something he liked the sound of.
Being only a small cub hikaru couldn't do much but his persistence which at most time he has a great defiantcy of . Surprisingly though he stuck to it and eventually found the wittle wabbit hiding in a blueberry bush and from that day on Hikaru declared the rabbit as his personal pillow.

It was questionable if it was worth it since he did miss out on his super and get a very bad scolding off his mother but he was a very good pillow. He spent many days under the shade of a tree or basking in the sun with his head propped up on his very own rabbit. He very much misses him now so if you look at all like you might be comfortable you may find yourself being forced into the position of 'pillow'.
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Madora House

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PostSubject: Re: introducing the lovely Hikaru    Fri 17 May - 11:22

Consider yourself Validated. I'll complete everything once i get a computer. It's too damend difficult on a phone >_<
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Hikaru Eshi
The Great Lake Pack

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PostSubject: Re: introducing the lovely Hikaru    Fri 17 May - 11:26

Haha that's quite alright and thanks ^_^
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PostSubject: Re: introducing the lovely Hikaru    

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introducing the lovely Hikaru
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