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 your lustful Boa snake

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PostSubject: your lustful Boa snake   Thu 23 May - 10:58

Last Name:
First Name: Sairen
Age: 120
Sexe: N/A
Sexual Orientation: N/A

Teacher Or Student: Student
Class: Tasonotenshi ( Boa snake)
Clan: The great lakes pack

Powers: (Up to Two for students and Four for teachers. Please remember that your powers must have a relation with your Class!

Deadly Allure :  this… was like producing a strong aphrodisiac , or poison if I want to ( depend on what I chose). When you share body fluids with me, I could let you 'drank' some of this liquid. It was sweet, and it could flow out from my mouth or my intimate hole.

Holy spirit : this, was my healing power. I could hurt people but I could heal them as well. I would use the essence that was inside my body to heal people. I could 'fed' them with the 'healing spirit' orally or just touch them. This could give them energy to regenerate and heal fast.

Physical Description: 4 full lines minimum. (From wall to wall in the post box)

I have a very long light green  hair, it reached my butt. And I got a pearly looking skin. I am slim but still well build. I got Green eyes and rosy lips. I always wore a traditional clothes like yukata and kimono, I had green hair pin over my head, I used to tie some of my hair at the back to look neat. My height was about normal size, tall , slim, firm, sexy, that makes people loved me for real. If you look closer to me, I got this red marking on my forehead, it was a marking that I was the deadly boa snake, it was like a curse and blessing at the same time. The marking gave me my power, the healing, and the killing one. And one last thing, I have this snake scale mask on my face. It was attached, why? Because that was my own skin. I turned some part of my face into snake so that it would hide my true face.

Psychological Description: 4 full lines minimum (From wall to wall in the post box):

I am wild, rough, and I like to be dominated. I like it when someone was possessive over me and crazy over me. I like it when my desire was always satisfied, and I like a person who just couldn't get enough of me and wanted more. Not that I was some kind of unwanted guy, I'm a beauty and tons of men wanted to embrace and have their way with me.  I have this one guy, he never knew my name, but I knew his, only his name though. He was a rich man, very rich , rich bastard. He owns lots of concubines, wives, harem. He was some kind of sex crazed guy huh? ( maybe) and I was only one amongst his countless wives and concubines. He got thousands of them, they were all beauties, of course, he only interested in beauties. Enough about him, back to myself, I barely cared about that guy. I mostly enjoyed my own time with the other concubines, especially male ones. We cuddle, kissed, and sometimes I let them embrace me. I like it living in this luxury place, we got silk as clothes, satin as bed sheet, just perfect.

Story: 7 lines minimum (From wall to wall in the post box)

I was used to be a dancer, but then, a man came to my show and he bought me. So, now I'm his slave, or concubine, or…sex partner. Though he was a heartless man ( since he never even remember who he fuck every night) he gave me place to stay, comfortable one, and free food. Everything was free as long as I spread my legs for him. Such a cheap price to pay considering that I'm used to it. I've been staying here for long, ten years… fifty years…. Hundred years… well.. I enjoyed it here and I got tons of friends too in this place. I was still young and I don't want to leave this nice, luxury place. I like my friends, and the atmosphere in this place. Though once a while, I was thinking about going back to the outside world and see the real life out there. Though I wanted to be free from this place, I loved this life as well. So confusing. But right now, I guess I could stay a bit longer before leaving for an even better life.
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PostSubject: Re: your lustful Boa snake   Wed 29 May - 13:24

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your lustful Boa snake
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