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 soft, tender... and... EATABLE ME!!!

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Itsuki Yuzuha
Convent of the Sources

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PostSubject: soft, tender... and... EATABLE ME!!!    Sun 2 Jun - 5:41

Last Name: Yuzuha
First Name: Itsuki
Age: 250

Sexe: oh? come and see....

Sexual Orientation: if you can take me to heaven.. i'm yours ^_^

Teacher Or Student: Student

Class: nekuroumansa
Clan: convent of the sources


Change of heart :

I could make the most vicious enemy kneel before me by using this, change of heart magic. With this, I control their mind and heart. I decide who they will love, hate, protect, hurt, and everything in their life. When I'm done with it, I would return the normal condition of the person. It mostly ended up the person committed suicide over the incident that I caused them ^_^

Kiss of death :

I can simply kiss you, share body fluids, or anything physical. With that, I could drain your energy, heat, strength, and life. Then, I could use it to heal myself or heal others. It could be said that this kiss of death might bring life to another person, but brings death to the other.

Physical Description: 4 full lines minimum. (From wall to wall in the post box)

I'm hot, sexy, slim, smooth, just delicious! I have a short brown hair, a pair of gentle blue eyes, white smooth silky skin. Pink lips that looks healthy and natural on me. Let's describe my body and flesh shall we? First of, let me tell you about my body. I have a deep curve on my waist which showed the shape of my body clearly, and my butt are as round as peach, they are fluffy, smooth, felt just perfect for any skin that touched them. My chest was smooth, my nipples were pink, most of the time they revealed themselves under my thin blue robe. I wear a long necklace with green emerald stone on it. It was the one and only necklace that I got and like. The chain of the necklace was very thin and made of pure gold. Sometimes you'll find me only wearing that necklace.. if I'm at home though. Secondly, lets talk about... my flesh... well.. i only do a light exercise such as swimming, yoga and all, so my muscles were very soft. my flesh was elastic... "chewy" so if you want to sink your teeth or fangs on my flesh.. most welcome to do that, you'll sure like the sensation of my flesh, combined with my silky sweet skin.. sounds yummy ?

Psychological Description: 4 full lines minimum (From wall to wall in the post box):

I am very flirty person. I like to seduce people, charm them, use my beauty to make their mind go insane. But of course I only do those things to handsome guys. I am quite picky on what I wanted. Mostly I would take the best one, the alpha, to play and have some fun with me. I like it rough and wild. I like it when someone treated me wildly like a hungry beast. I like to be dominated, 'tortured' a little. I am a submissive one but even if I do everything you told me to, doesn't mean that I would not betray you or ran to someone else arms. I always keep the best of the best for my pleasure. even though i like to be treated wildly, i am a gentle on. i like to pet and cuddle my partner, i like doing things softly to them even if they would give me back roughly , wildly.


I start my life as a necromansa. Born with it, live with it, what else I could say? Nothing. I was born with a rare beauty which I inherit from my mother. I knew I was pretty so I like to expose my skin and body. One day, I work for someone at a club as a dancer, then I quit, and work again for someone else as a host, I quit again since I got bored and then I was sent to this academy. Since I already excel my dark magic, they put me in the convent. I enjoyed my time here, but I wanted to play. I wanted to have some fun here, just like what I did before. I stayed in a dorm where it was filled with guys. Just perfect. Maybe in this dorm filled with guys, I could start looking for a prey, a delicious, manly prey for me to devour. As I enjoyed my time here, I received news that both of my parent were killed in a fire. They say the house was caught on fire and they were dead, gone, finished, no more. Well..since I'm not that close to my family, I don’t feel anything about their deaths. I just read the news and then kept on going with my life. I still have a long way to go and I would surely find something worth , something… different from the things that I had all these years.

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Madora House

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PostSubject: Re: soft, tender... and... EATABLE ME!!!    Sun 2 Jun - 13:43

Welcome to Spell Casters!
Enjoy your stay!
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soft, tender... and... EATABLE ME!!!
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