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 General rules

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Madora House

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PostSubject: General rules   Wed 28 Mar - 12:47

This is a forum, not an arena. If someone pisses you of tell me, I'll take care of it, don't go pissing him off! Clear? Good! If you don't respect the rules, I will happily punish you in every way imaginative.
Now, you can't control the character of another player, unless it's the only way to make the topic progress. Furthermore, don't write bullshit it the topics, go in the off game section to do that.

If you make mistakes, fix them. And don't make any fucken three line posts, I can't stand thode! MINIMAL 5 lines for every post. And I don't want to see text posts or abreviation like Lol. If you can't write Laugh out Loud, fuck off my forum!

Every and all forms of Hentai (sex) is accepted on this forum so don't go complaining about to much yaoi or whatever!

If you got some other problem, contact me.

Rules for Avatars

Your avatar has to be anime, manga or computerised like mine. I don't want to see a picture, I have no need or desire to see your face. I don't want your avatar to be larger then 180 lenght. If it's bigger, I'll personally modify it.
I don't give an ape's ass if your character is naked or dressed up, this is an adult forum.
Your avatar must look Mature. I don't want some kid like avatar.
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General rules
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