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 Kai The Lion

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Kai Chikushou
The Sawgrass Pack

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PostSubject: Kai The Lion   Sun 2 Jun - 16:33

Last Name: Chikushou
First Name: Kai
Age: 668 years old
Sexe: Man
Sexual Orientation: Anything that moans

Teacher Or Student: Student
Class: Tasonosenshi
Clan: Sawgrass Pack
1- The King's roar: If I roar with my Lion's growl, people stop what they are doing and are temporarily under my orders. This roar commands respect and shows them who's boss.
2- The King's Felines: Every feline obeys me, wether big or small.

Physical Description: I know I'm hot. My body, even though it should be that of a Sen'tou is muscular and shows my status well. I am a Great Lion. Wether human form or lion form, my hair, or mane, is dark brown and majestic. My eyes stay golden in both forms. I'm a tall man, and I'm quite feroscious when confronted with something I desire. People see me and give me the respect I desire and deserve. i don't like wearing clothes but I do force myself to wear black pants, I don't bother wearing the shirt though, I much rather show off. And on my right arm, I have a big tribal tatoo.
Psychological Description: I'm a king and i know it. I'm not full of myself, it's just my personality. Hard to say that you're secondbest when you're the king of the savana and a damn powerful one at that. I might not be alpha of the sawgrass pack, but that's only because controling that pack doesn't interest me. I'm interested in making my own. I'm a dominant guy and I like to be rough with my mates, so if you're a woman, I won't be shy to slap you for you to shut up. If you're a guy, you better be ready for an all nighter, without any pause.

Story: I wasn't always in a pack. Like most teenage lions, I was out on my own, just trying to find my place in life. Though hunting alone and finding shelter turning my life into a simple game of survival. I was through with it quite fast and wanted to go back home. Of course, two grown lions can't stay in one pride, and my father did chase me away. It was Max that found me. That big ass wolf offered me to be his beta in his pack, saying he could use someone as big as me sometimes. I didn't see why I would refuse. That's how I joined the Sawgrass Pack.
Though after some time, Max decided that everyone in his pack should know how to live with humans, so the pcck was scattered and I was sent in this weird Academy. To tame the beast is what he said. As if anyone could tame me. I dare you to try!
In this place, people move away when they see me walking, they fear and respect me and I have to admit, I'm liking it. I could get used to this place.
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Madora House

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PostSubject: Re: Kai The Lion   Tue 4 Jun - 20:14

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Kai The Lion
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