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 Satoshi leader, Shou Kyousuke

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Shou Kyousuke
Satoshi House Leader

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PostSubject: Satoshi leader, Shou Kyousuke   Mon 3 Jun - 7:22

“you can call me whatever you like”
Last Name: Kyousuke
First Name: Shou

“nothing all that unusual”
Age: 32 643

“..i know i’m pretty but really?”
Sexe: male

“you interested?”
Sexual Orientation: He doesn’t reject anyone wither they wish to be loved or wish to give it.

“Come to me whenever you have a problem”
Teacher Or Student: teacher, he’s the councillor that also runs the meditation classes.

“only the strongest and sexiest of course”
Class: Sen’tou

“It’s a great family to be in”
Clan: Satoshi House

“I think i might keep that element of surprise”
-Minds barrier, this power is incredibly useful to Shou since he is a strategic technician and having others in his head or effecting his actions would damage his working capabilities. This power protects his psyche from other powers, he can even give out false information to trick the one trying to play with his mind.
-Chain assegai, he is able to call forth chains, spring out from the ground and controlling their path with his mind. They seem to have a never ending length and not only can be used to detain the target but he is able to use such a force behind it that it’ll cut through skin.
- Elemental energizer, This allows him to ‘power’ up his sword with certain attributes for example if he powered it up with the element fire the sword would emit a hot flame on top of the sharp steel. The elements he can use to do this include: fire, water, lightning, wind.
-Doppelganger, the ability to create exact copies of himself, they look and feel real, they can even talk and attack using Shou’s ability however they do have a time limit which varies depending how much power they use up while they are summoned.

“Do you like what you see?”
Physical Description:
Shou has very long fair hair, so fair it closely resembles the colour of snow and is incredibly soft to the touch. His hair isn’t the only light colour with his eyes being a icy blue however unlike his cold feature he gives off a warm and friendly aura with his kind smiles though as they say appearances can be deceiving. Unlike other Sen’tou he isn’t incredibly bulky with muscles however he is happy the way his body is, underneath his shirt not as prominent as some of the others of his kind but he does have toned and taut muscles laying beneath. It isn’t like he isn’t capable of putting on more muscle but he likes to stay light on his feet and to keep his level of flexibility. He has a good complexion, soft white skin and no visible scars.
Shou is hiding a little surprise though, his tongue happens to be pierced for the specific purpose of allowing him to take someone to heaven in mere minutes.

“I like to make others feel better”
Psychological Description:
Overall he seems to be very kind and caring sort of person, always listening to others problems without complaints and helping them in any way he can including letting them use his body however no matter how friendly his smile, words and the sound of his voice is, Shou doesn’t love anyone to the point he even wears gloves to stop him from having unnecessary skin contact. In a way you could say he only ever see’s people as chess pieces, tools to be used for his benefit and all his nice gestures are just to get people onto his side. In the end Shou is simply the perfect tactician there being no depth he wouldn’t sink to, to achieve victory and having a brilliant mind to back it up.
You won’t normally even get a glimpse of the real him hiding under the gentleman like facade but it’s not impossible everyone can just ‘break’ at times.

“It’s a bit long and boring I’d rather hear about you”
When the founder left his position of the leader of the Satoshi house he did suggest Shou as a successor however many people were unhappy with this, SHou not looking like your typical ‘strongest of hem all’ sort of guy. So Shou said this “If you disagree with this then just take me down by force”, needless to say he’s still standing so he was the one victorious. Shou prides himself in not only his combat ability but tactics as well. He has lead many of battles in his time some including that of human wars. He tends to stay out of human wars mostly now not particularly liking their modern technologies and preferring his own sword, which he has carried with him since he was twenty, meaning it has lasted through a long time, a lot of battles and is still standing strong.
At the academy he is mainly a councillor, dealing with the mind and other sorts of problems. He welcomes anyone to his couch, to talk about anything. Even if it’s just to have a bitch about your boyfriend/girlfriend Shou will even go further to ‘consol’ you without any strings attached.
He has lived a long time so there is much to say but if you wish to know more I guess you’ll have to pry it out of him.
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Madora House

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PostSubject: Re: Satoshi leader, Shou Kyousuke   Tue 4 Jun - 20:18

Welcome Sensei.
It seems we have two Meditation Teachers^^ Maybe this Academy will calm down now!
I've accepted you to be the Satoshi House Leader, next time though, send me a private message to inform me of your choice. I need to approve see?!
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Satoshi leader, Shou Kyousuke
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