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 Aito Choukichi

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Aito Choukichi
The Great Northern Pack

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PostSubject: Aito Choukichi   Mon 3 Jun - 14:48

Last name: Choukichi
First name: Aito
Age: 65 580 years old
Sex: man
Sexual orientation: Men

Teacher or Student: Teacher, meditation
Class: Tasonosenshi
Clan: The Great Northern Pack
- Wind Blades, deadly blades of wind, unstopable.
- Flight, I fly with the help of wings appearing in my back as part of partial mutation to my animal.
- Peace of Mind, nothing can disturb me when I use this, I am blind, deaf and mute.
- Dargon's breath, flames that melt metal, stone, flesh and bones.

Physical Decription: When I am not wearing my clothes from the north, I look quite soft and very feminine. I have very long, dark brown hair, almost always tied behind my head. I wear traditionnal kimonos indoors, though when I go outdoors, I love wearing fur on my shoulders.
My animal is ancient and well represented by my head piece. It is a black dragon. Though it's only the size of a horse. The only part of my body that stays the same from human to dragon are my ocean blue eyes. The rest of my body is as I said, very feminine, but I still show signs of robustness.

Psychological Description: I am a very calm natured person. Very disciplined. Though it sometimes happens in my.spare time to trade away my kind heart for a warrior's heart. I usually do that when I'm alone and bored. I don't get angry easily and I always act friendly. But I rarely let people too close to me. You would need to work very hard in order to be a friend of mine, cause even if I act friendly towards you, it doesn't mean I consider you as such. I'm a very hard man to get. Both physically and emotionally, I'm a very balanced man, I believe that everything has a balance and that it's possible for everyone to find it.

Story: There are very little dragon Tasonosenshi left in the world and I am the only one I know. I used to be a great warrior, battling endlessly with my sword, but after a clean up from the humans, I hid myself in the cold north and slept for hundreds of years, I wanted nothing to do with the human race anymore, I just wanted to live in peace. A young woman in the shape of a snow leopard made me part of her pack and then spoke of the academy to me. I decided to go there out of curiosity. They were in need of a meditation teacher and it just so happened that I was a master at meditating, so I got the job. I've been in that academy for many centuries now, I've seen the students grow into adults and leaving to live amongst the humans. I simply wish to stay here peacefully. Away from humans. It seems that I have developped a certain hatred for the weaker race with the time I spent sleeping.
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Madora House

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PostSubject: Re: Aito Choukichi   Tue 4 Jun - 20:10

It's not very long, but I'll accpet.
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Aito Choukichi
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