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 Haku, School Nurse ;)

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Kerai Shiyounin

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PostSubject: Haku, School Nurse ;)   Wed 19 Jun - 12:45

Last Name: --
First Name: Haku
Age: 85 665 years old
Sexe: man
Sexual Orientation: I like men

Teacher Or Student: Neither, I'm the Nurse Wink
Class: Chiryo Sha
Clan: A Monastery found in the mountains
1- Healing: of course, I wouldn't be a Nurse without it!
2- Blood Manipulation: Useful to bring back the blood you lost, but I also like the taste and texture in my mouth.

Physical Description: Let's not beat around the bush, I'm hot. I'm very attractive, everybody knows it and everybody says it. I have short brown hair, dark blue eyes, a perfect body. I have some tatoos of thorns all over my body, sometimes people think they are real, but no, they aren't. I usully dress quite fancy when I'm not working, but when I am, no matter what I wear, some student just make up bruises to come and see me. I have one earing on my right ear in the shape of a silver cross, the only reminder to where I am from. If I could, I would wear nothing else. But school regulation ask for clothing. Wink
Psychological Description: I'm not your average Nurse. Or maybe if you read enough Yaois, then yes, I'm the exact idea you should get of one. I love to take care of people, but it happens that some students are my type, so I will take advantage of having them in my office to abuse them. They wont' complain, nobody ever does anyways. I'm also a very strange man of light, I like the color, the smell, the texture and the taste of blood. I have fun playing with it, maybe that's why i became a Nurse. Last but not least: I love sex. I'm not going to hide it. If you spike y interest, then you better have a chastity belt, because I'm going to rape you. I can be both, bottom or top, I don't care, as long as we both feel good.

Story: I've been a man of light since my birth, but my father was a necromancer to start with, so the call of blood was never very far away. Anyways, I grew up like a proper man, but when my hormones started kicking in, I became very active sexually. I slept with anyone and everyone who interested me. I discovered how to charm people to get what I wanted. I then decided to go to where most of the men were all nice and strong, I went to become the Nurse at the Academy where my Mother wanted me to grow up. I'm a great Nurse, but if I find you cute enough, I'll give your body a thorough inspection. Or, maybe, if you are strong enough, I'll let you inspect mine. Either way, we will have some fun!
If you think I'm just there to have some fun, then you aren't totally wrong, but I'm also very good at my job and I do it perfectly. Nobody that comes into my office will leave with any wound, unless i left a bite mark on them Wink
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Madora House

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PostSubject: Re: Haku, School Nurse ;)   Wed 19 Jun - 12:48

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Haku, School Nurse ;)
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