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Madora House

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PostSubject: Where you're from   Mon 16 Apr - 16:10

Everyone who has gifts, or power,s belong to one of the following "Houses", I must remind you, that this House has a very close relation to your powers, and so, be sure to chose the Class you want before..

The Great Houses:
Houses are usually used by the Sen'tou

The Satoshi House:
The Satoshi house was created about 900 years ago and is one of the oldest Houses still active. It was name by it's creator Satoshi Lin, one of the first Sen'tou.
House Leader: Shou Kyousuke

The Ayuki House:
This house is almost as old as The Satoshi House, it is 150 years younger. It was the wonderfully beautiful Ayuki Rose who created and lead it until her death.
House Leader: Mayuri Takahashi (Predifined Character)

The Madora House:
Created around 360 years ago by bettle loving twins, This house only accepts those who love blood. Sadly, the twins names were written nowhere and all information about them vanished with their death.
House Leader: Vincent Vallière

The Fénix House:
Perhaps the youngest house, it's only 120 years old. It's first House Leader was so powerful, rumors said he always came back from his ashes, that's where it's name comes from. It's leader still lives and rules over this house with power.
House Leader: Zyphir

The Academies:
The Academies are buildings used mostly by the Gensono.

Terra Academy:
As it's name implies, this academy accepts those who wish to control the Earth Element. It is quite a young establishment, barely over 50 years old. It's creator was unknown and has stayed that way to his death.
The Principal: Kazuki Ona

Sacred Flame Academy:
It's the Academy who concentrates on fire and everything that goes with it. It is a little more then 100 years old and it's creators ashes are scattered everywhere in  and on the Academy's grounds.
The Principal: Lily Mullikin

Ocean Academy:
As it's name implies, this academy circles around water and it's properties. A young woman created it around 208 years ago. She was a kind and gentle soul, her name has inspired the name of the Academy: Océanne Ducuré.
The Principal: Kaito Namiko

Yin Yang Academy:
It's the only academy in which students of two different elements collide. Students may learn eith Light or Darkness. It was built by two founders over 300 years ago and it's still solidly standing tall.
The Principal: Seth Morticus

Divine Wind's Academy:
The last and the oldest Academy it's 423 years old, only those who can manipulate wind may go there. It's founder was said to have wings, but nobody has ever seen her, however, statues worthy of Olympia can be found in the hallways describing her.
The Principal: Derek Williams

The Packs
The Packs are created by the Tasōnosenshi

The Sawgrass Pack:
This Pack lives on territories represented by plains and fields. They are animals who run quickly and who can survive on anything they can find or hunt there. The Pack Leader of this pack is an enormous wolf named Max.
Alpha: Max

The Great Northen Pack:
This Pack prefers the icy and snow covered territories of the great north. They can live both on the groud and in the air, living the only way the animals from that type of area know how to live. This pack's Leader is a young women  that can trasnform into a snow leopard and her name is Yuki.
Alpha: Yuki

The Great Lakes Pack:
This pack is almost totally aquatic, though some of them also live on firm ground. They always live near a river, lake or a big pond so that their lives are easier and more simple. This pack's Leader is a Bengal Tiger.
Alpha: Ren Sagara

The Convents
Built and used by the Nekuromansā ]

Dark Earth Convent:
Contrary as to what the name says, this convent does not work with earth, it was built; 600 years ago; on an ancient cimetary ground where the earth was burnt until black, that is where it's name comes from. They love to work with the corpses of the people they dig up from the ground around the Convent.
Mistress: Vivienne

Convent of the Sources:
Some believe that the dark source of their black magic comes from the place where this Convent was built over 660 years ago. Of course, only the very best in their art get to come to this Convent. We practice a little bit of everything! from resurection to bottled death.
Mistress: Lilith

The Monastaries
Used by the Chiryō-sha

The Monastaries have no names, they are ancient churches renovated into Monastaries for those who practice the pure and white magic can come and study and pratice it.
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Where you're from
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