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 Let your Sins take over

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Sin Kagebara
The Sawgrass Pack

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PostSubject: Let your Sins take over   Fri 12 Jul - 10:43

Last Name: Kagebara
First Name: Sin
Age: 7 962 years old
Sexe: Man
Sexual Orientation: I love a man

Teacher Or Student: Student
Class: Tasonosenshi
Clan: Sawgrass Pack
1-Song: With this I can manipulate your mind to make you do whatever I want, or I can use it to make you relax.
2-Nuptial Flight: A little something I use to seduce whoever I want. They can't resist wanting to touch me after. The fun thing about this gift, it also works if I am being photographed at the same time.

Physical Description: Being a model, I have to keep my skin flawless. It's easy since I am a Tasonosenshi and that I can keep out of trouble quite easily. Though my skin is very sensitive to the sun and very pale because of that. I have very long silver hair that I keep straight and I also have red eyes, showing that I am an albino. My clothing depends on my mood and I have to admit, sometimes I like to cosplay. So seeing me wear something like a police uniform is quite natural.
In animal form, I am a song bird. My eyes stay red and instead of the vibrant colors those birds are known for, I am white and golden with long feather on my head. I am a small type of bird, but I am still from a beautiful species.
Psychological Description: I'm not a very sociable person. Kind of silly is you consider the fact that I am a model and that people are bound to recognize me everywhere. Honestly, I'd rather be left alone. Anyways, I don't study, I don't need too. Because of my anti social behavior, I've been sent to the Consilor's office. Little do they know thay I'm interested in him and once I latch onto someone, I rarely let go. I am very persistant. I have a very hard head and when I put my mind to something, I keep going until I get it right.
Story: I've always been the reject of my family. They were all covered with vibrantly colored feathers and I was simply golden white. They always told me to stay away during the family reunions or to not fly with the others so that I wouldn't stick out like a sore thumb. I grew tired of there attitude towards me and left the family behind. Maybe that's why I don't get attached to others. I was scouted by a modeling agency quickly enough. Being an Albino was a quality for them. I do my job thoroughly. But at school, they thought I needed to talk with someone about me being different and all. I went once. Then I decided to go all the time because Kyousuke Sensei is totally my type. I doubt that I will ever let him slip away from me. I know what he does with other students, I wanted him to do that with me.
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Ryuzaki Oda


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PostSubject: Re: Let your Sins take over   Fri 12 Jul - 10:44

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Let your Sins take over
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