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 Ikuto Kisaragi

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Ikuto Kisaragi
Madora House

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PostSubject: Ikuto Kisaragi   Sun 14 Jul - 17:40

Last Name: Kisaragi
First Name: Ikuto
Age: 19
Sex: Male
Sexual Orientation: I'm fine with both

Teacher Or Student: Student
Class: Sen'tou
Clan: The Madora House
Vanish- This power enables him to vanish into thin air and allowing him to appear anywhere he wishes. Though if he is travelling a far distance it may take him some time to regain strength.
Dampen- When active, this power allows him extract his opponents energy. He is able to take as much as he wishes but can never go so far as to killing anyone.

Physical Description:
Even though he is apart of the Sen'tou, Ikuto isn't as big as the others though there are toned muscles beneath the clothing he wears. Ikuto is quite short for his age, reaching the height of 5'3, aside from that fact he is quiet strong and quick on his feet making it easier for him to get his opponents onto the ground. He has sandy blonde hair that fall over his glacial blue eyes, and has his right ear pierced four times. His face is usually holding up a bored or blank expression, even when being forced to speak to someone he would never change the expression on his face no matter how good or bad the news is. He also has a bio-hazard tattoo on his right wrist.

Psychological Description:
Ikuto is seen to be a very cocky person, he wouldn't think twice about teasing a person his fighting with. Not to mention that he takes things very seriously and finds it hard to ease up when he has time to actually relax. He hardly speaks unless he feels the need to and is shown for having a competitive streak. He rarely is seen doing anything other than practicing martial arts or doing some type of sport activity. Ikuto is also a person who take offence instantly when hearing it, he'd get worked up to a point where he would snap. Other than that, he is seen with a stoic expression on his face and is a professional at bottling up unneeded emotions.

When he was younger, Ikuto was diagnosed with a heart disease. He was told that he'd not make it past the age of ten. Deeply upset at the news, he began to strive to make is body and hearts stronger. Everyday he would go out and do a physical activity, the feeling of his heart pumping hard against his chest exhilarated him to an extent where he began taking martial arts of all forms, like a proper member of The Madora House would. He ended up passing his life expectancy and pushed himself harder, not wanting people to pity him like they did when he was younger. Ikuto gained the bio-hazard tattoo on his wrist as a sort of motivation to keep his body strong, as it represents that he may die if he chooses to no longer work on his body. As the years passed, he soon became the top fight of his age in The Madora House and kept up the title for years. Even now as a student, he still keeps his title, making sure that anyone tries to take it from him is beaten down.
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PostSubject: Re: Ikuto Kisaragi   Wed 17 Jul - 11:08

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Ikuto Kisaragi
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