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 interesting..i think..and long.

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PostSubject: interesting..i think..and long.   Sun 21 Jul - 7:18

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• Telepathy – this one is quite troublesome for me as I haven’t learnt how to control it, it often gets jumbled in my head as too many thoughts come to me at one time. Over the years it’s gotten worse simply because the distance that I can read one’s mind from has continued to increase. At this time as long as someone is within and 800meter radius.
• Healing – it’s always been like second nature to me, if something’s hurt I heal it though that doesn’t just involve physical wounds, I can heal diseases and even the damage time inflicts on one’s body, meaning their aging process.

Physical Description:
I suppose some people think I’m pretty personally I think I look too feminine. I wish to have some toned muscles maybe a little bit of a tan instead of my pale, soft skin. I have nothing bad to say about my hair as it’s just like my real mothers, it reminds me of her and well my ‘little sister’ us to love playing with it, putting beads in it so sometimes I do where them in my hair though it may look weird to others. I do think it’s probably a bit soft for guys hair and a tad bit too long but in the end I can’t be bothered to cut it, I think it suits m just fine and to be honest if I tried to cut it myself it might end up so uneven I’d have to shave it off completely. I guess my eyes are a pretty fierce colour, they are technically brown but with the light flecks of yellow and amber running through them they look orange but I have been told they look a bit soulless at times.

Psychological Description:
I’ve gotten use to blending in, going with the flow and not stepping on anyone’s toes, it’s not that I’m particular timid or anything it is just a lot less troublesome thus some people say I’m easy to manipulate which is understandable since I’m normally pretty well natured however I’m just not that simple. I guess I am a little mentally unstable as certain phrases or words change the way I act, while some send me into a fit of rage, punching first talking later others can get me quite aroused, embarrassed, depressed. So I guess I’m not really all that predictable and these mood swings only get more common when I’m having one of those moments a whole bunch of other peoples thought invade my mind.

Well I suppose one would normally start with their family background but as for me it is a little bit complicated, I was orphaned when I was young or perhaps just abandoned but needless to say I ended up in a ‘home’. There was many other kids there just like me, I got teased on for looking pale and weak. So I proved them wrong even though at the time I remembered being taught fighting was bad, I was at the point where I didn’t understand where I was, I was left behind, angry and so I didn’t mind taking it out on others. So I guess I was just another bratty kid, with an attitude problem but I was cute so it didn’t take long for me to be adopted out. I suppose it took a while to adjust but they were really nice people, I felt needed and I thought we’d stay a happy family but then the voices came and though they said it didn’t matter I could see how it had affected them. I was defective.
I don’t really remember my biological parents too well and what I do remember I’m unsure if it’s real or something my mind fabricated on its own to convince myself that I had them. My mother was beautiful, remember the soft feel of her skin as she embraced me, her long fair hair so similar to my own and then there was my father, with such a kind smile and a broad hand that use to tussle my hair. I remember the smell of lavender and rosemary and yet I was unable to put the picture together, I was unable to assemble the pieces of what their faces looked like, how tall they were though to any small child they’d have seemed like giants. Sometimes I just wished for one photo, to confirm these small things so I’d know it wasn’t my mind playing tricks on me. It did do that some times when I was eight I was diagnosed with schizophrenia for the voices in my head after that I had to see a physiatrist, she was a nice lady but it just seemed to get worse, the voices got louder and more jumbled, the time between the incidents got shorter too so once in a while eventually became everyday by the time I was fifteen. I adapted and started to put headphones on when it happened, turning the music up loud to try and drown out the voices it looked a lot less crazy than putting my hands on my ears and shaking my head around, begging for it to stop.
That wasn’t the only weird thing about me, it had come so naturally I didn’t realise other people couldn’t do it but now I’m older I know I was lucky I didn’t end up on a steal slab with someone opening up my head to get a good look at how I was different, what made me like this, like how you’d s scientist dissect an alien on one of those sci-fi films. I think I was eleven at the time I found out that I was practically an alien in my family, I had a pet dog I’d rescued from the streets, his name was harry. On day I took him for a walk, my father coming with me, I’d accidently let go of his lead and h chased after a squirrel, there was a car and a lot of blood. Father seemed to be a bit shocked by it, trying to comfort me and I really didn’t get why Harry was still breathing his wounds could be healed and that’s what I did, I healed him. You could just imagine how shocked a human would be to see such a sight, their son kneeling down beside a dying dog one moment and the dog getting up the next. He managed to convince the driver of the car that he’d only really grazed the dog, lucky he was a persuasive man but like all humans he was greedy. He saw how not only how the dog was completely better but it was at this time he’d noticed the dog hadn’t seemed to get old ever since I had picked him up and so he connected the dots, he wasn’t a stupid man and I was just a kid so when he told me “Luka, this isn’t normal don’t do it in front of others, they’ll think your some kind of monster but you can trust me, I’m your father and you’ll do anything your father tells you won’t you? I’m only looking out for your own good luka” he’s spoken so softly that I hadn’t realised he was just going to use me. It was not long after that I realised that we wouldn’t ever be a happy family like before.
I had kind of gotten used to the fact I wasn’t normal, I was more of a monster. I had gotten use to trying to blend in and then after my sixteenth birthday I couldn’t really explain it, I was getting drawn into something and not so long after I discovered a school. Not a normal school, and for a moment I thought it was just another delusion but was I really so crazy to dram up such a place? I had no qualms about leaving my ‘family’ except for my younger sister, she had always been attached ever since she was adopted into the family but I thought it best she stayed away, she was normal and now I knew I most defiantly wasn’t human.
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PostSubject: Re: interesting..i think..and long.   Wed 24 Jul - 10:23

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interesting..i think..and long.
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