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 Cadenza Sensei

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Dark Earth Convent

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PostSubject: Cadenza Sensei   Fri 2 Aug - 10:29

Last name:
First name: Cadenza
Age: 974 204 years old
Sex: Man
Sexual Orientation: Don't care.

Teacher or Student: Drama Teacher
Class: Nekuromansa
Clan: Covent of the dark Earth
1- Mind Barrier, nobody goes in my head. Ever.
2- Puppeter: I control you wether you like it or not
3- Call Back: Once I taste your blood I own you.
4- Illusionnist

Physical Description: My long blood red hair often makes people belive that I am a kind man, they think that because I have such feminine features. Such fools. They change their minds once they look in my eyes. My cold, deadly blood red eyes. My body, even though it may look thin is actually very powerful. I am a warrior after all. I dress properly, though my clothes, if stained, will be the last thing you will see. My smile is only there because I see how I can torture you.

Psychological Description: I will not hide, I am a very cruel man. I enjoy torturing my prey, however they are. I will not always sleep with my little prey, I may simply torture them sexually, and then abandon them. You must be something very special for me to even take my clothes off in front of you. I will not waste my time if you are not entertaining. I became the Theatre Teacher only because I could find some good little toys to play with more easily. I will help you out only if you give me something of equal value to my services.

Story: I was the pride of the convent from my birth. I killed my first person at the age of eight. Though this was never enough for me. I soon found that I prefered hearing them scream in pain for days without end until they finally died of suffering, exhaustion and despair.
When I came to age of my sexual awakening, I started torturing the others that came to me for sex. I found it very arousing. I discovered that I loved hurting men that looked more feminine then me. I didn't care for woman, they die too quickly. They aren't as strong enough as men.
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Ryuzaki Oda


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PostSubject: Re: Cadenza Sensei   Fri 2 Aug - 10:34

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Cadenza Sensei
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