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 Ishida......i'm done ^_^

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Kurenai ishida
The Great Lake Pack

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PostSubject: Ishida......i'm done ^_^   Sat 1 Dec - 20:07

Last Name: Ishida
First Name: Kurenai
Age: 150
Sexe: Male
Sexual Orientation: men only

Teacher Or Student: Student
Class: Tasonotenshi
Clan: The Great Lakes Pack
Powers: darkness & water

Darkness :

-Metamorph : can turn into a big white eagle and then turn back into full humanoid form, Can transform certain part of the body as well.
- Eagle’s blade: (while in both eagle and human form) turn my feathers into diamond blades
-Black flame: ( just like amaterasu in naruto) cast a black flame that burns and drain the victim’s energy and chakra. The more they fight the faster the fire drains them. It can’t be stopped unless the victim is dead or I dispel it myself.

Water: Ice shards ( turns water into ice), controls water and liquids (any kinds of liquids) and uses them as I see fit.

Physical Description: 4 full lines minimum.

If you look closer, I have a long silver hair that reaches my waist but some parts of my hair are red. I’m not that much of a tall guy like the others; it is only about 6 feet or around 180 Cm, just around that number for my height. As for my weight, it’s around 60 kilograms so you can imagine that I’m thin and only have small muscles on my body which is almost “invincible”. For my skin, it’s a pinkish white from head to toe. I have a pair of dark brown eyes and rosy lip. Due to this appearance almost everyone call me “My lady” which I don’t really mind when they do that. I wear white kimono with dragon ornament in the back. To tighten it, I wear a red shawl around my waist with a blend color of red and gold. I also have a pair of silver wings that looks exactly like an eagle’s wings. It goes from my back all the way down to my feet. These wings are controllable and I can make them disappear when I’m on the ground. I get those wings since I can turn into a big white eagle which is part of my, transformation.

Psychological Description:

It is said that I’m different from the others. He is a calm person with gentle and friendly personality. When others are fighting he tends to look away to leave them alone or maybe try to make them stop hurting each other. He is a person who worships love, peace, and friendship. He never acts rude to anyone even when they try to hurt him or rude against him, he tries his best to be nice and calm. Keep his composed self at all times. But still if he is provoked, he could be deadly. That is the reason why he tends to stay out of trouble and fight. He likes it to be peaceful and quiet. He also enjoys music and art, Most of the time he would either playing instrument or singing.

Story: 7 lines minimum (From wall to wall in the post box)

My parents were killed right after I was born and a big eagle takes care of me. He turns out to be a leader of eagle pack and he treats me with care. I enjoy living with him until something bad happens to the pack where I grew up. The hunters start to attack us and killed almost all of the eagles. My foster father did everything in his possession to save us all but he only managed to save me. Sometimes I wonder, why should I be the one who live? Now, I’m all alone in this world. With no family, no relatives, and homeless as well, so, I start to wander around and find different people to stay with. I please them with my singing and songs so that I can spend the night on their warm bed and in the morning, I’ll be gone before they knew it. It is always like that in my life. For a homeless person like me, it is not that bad, at least I can still find a temporary shelter. Then sometimes I also make some money from my little performance and then rented an inn to spend the night.
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Madora House

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PostSubject: Re: Ishida......i'm done ^_^   Mon 3 Dec - 8:30

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Ishida......i'm done ^_^
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